AIMIM MLA And Aides Create Ruckus in Nashik Hospital

An AIMIM MLA and his aides stormed a Nashik hospital to hold a doctor to account for allegedly neglecting patients with Covid-19 symptoms. 🤦‍♀️

27/03/2020 5:31 PM
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  • Hari P.
    09/05/2020 14:38

  • Rampi M.
    03/05/2020 11:17

    everyone is doing what they want. solution? ...

  • Tahir K.
    28/04/2020 01:26

    I really want to see now how Hindus defend this attack just like they justify mob lynching of Muslims. I promise, they all will blame not only these few people but will blame entire religion for their physical appearance.

  • R C.
    26/04/2020 12:49

    Kill them all mercilessly

  • Rudransh D.
    25/04/2020 11:10

    ye Dekh ye bhi jhoot hoga

  • Kaniga D.
    24/04/2020 17:48

    This is what u learning oh god how bad bad n rudely they behave

  • Elaine W.
    23/04/2020 00:21

    Some of those men weren't humane beings, they were actually kicking someone, what is this world coming too, it's these people that should be beaten with a stick not the people on the road.

  • Philippe P.
    22/04/2020 22:06

    Le peuple de tueurs islamistes

  • Ghanshyam B.
    18/04/2020 23:38

    Modiji en jahilo. Samaj. Nahi a Yaagi ishake yogiji. Ya amitji. Ki jarur chhe lTo ke bhut batose nahi. Mante

  • Anil G.
    17/04/2020 08:02

    AIMIM MLA ko gaad pe laat marke desh k bhar kar do

  • Sushan P.
    15/04/2020 05:30


  • Nirupom D.
    15/04/2020 03:36

    AiMIM next Finish

  • Bal P.
    14/04/2020 09:10

    Should whip them to death

  • Sunny A.
    13/04/2020 10:01

    This is what happens when uncultured people be it any body from any religion become politicians but if he is a mla does it give him the right to hit hospital staff , he says he called up the doctor so many times so he thinks that the doctor there fighting for people's lives is hes personal employ to answer him , such idiots should be punished so that no other person does so , is that the way to talk barging into the cabin as if goons n kicking staff out and manhandling the doctor. I should say for such people doctors should refuse to treat them.

  • Vipin B.
    13/04/2020 03:04


  • Arjun K.
    12/04/2020 04:58

    Because of such activities CAA & NRC will get its wings

  • Suraj P.
    11/04/2020 18:56

    MIM wale bade gunde hai 😡😠

  • Saroj K.
    09/04/2020 13:55

    India need to use some of their ballistic missiles within their country people some of these blind people dont give a fuck about other people, just blow them up can't risk that much people expose from some idiots.

  • Chinkun P.
    08/04/2020 13:25

    It is clear . It is proved a certain community is very dangerous .

  • Omar K.
    08/04/2020 11:14


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