AIMIM’s Owaisi On National Population Registry

“You may be labelled as a doubtful citizen during the NPR exercise.” Asaduddin Owaisi red-flagged a new plan okayed by the Union Cabinet recently.

26/12/2019 7:47 PM
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  • Avinash K.
    29/05/2020 19:34

    That fear on his face makes it clear that entire politics of MIM and owaisi will come to end if this CAA, NPR and NRC is brought into picture.

  • Asif S.
    02/01/2020 19:56

    Politics ki maa ki ch..t. aur unka saath dene walon ki maa ka bhos..a ab ukhaado Mera kya ukhaadna hai😀😀 bhai ye Hindu mussalmaan nahin kuch aur Ho raha hai.. Jaago Bhosdike logon

  • Globelink T.
    31/12/2019 07:07

    Only Andh Bakth and Dalal Media are supporting the CAA and NRC, to do partition on base of Religion

  • Madhu M.
    30/12/2019 15:21


  • Brut India
    30/12/2019 08:07

    Owaisi asks Army Chief to not interfere with civilian matters:

  • John C.
    30/12/2019 06:16

    Amit shah is not a lier, you are a lier.

  • Vicky Y.
    30/12/2019 03:13

    Koi is maderchod ko goli maaro he is a terrorist supporter

  • Sumit M.
    29/12/2019 20:27

  • Ankush G.
    29/12/2019 17:57

    A patient of inferiority complex. A frustrated and corrupt man

  • Arun R.
    29/12/2019 10:47

    He is a pak dog

  • Sheena D.
    29/12/2019 05:24

    Truth be told!

  • Keh S.
    28/12/2019 19:41

    People with do it anyhow... Like aadhar🤣🤣

  • Anup S.
    28/12/2019 19:32

    He is faking ignorance and all false propoganda . This government hasn't created any transit camps or detention camps , whatever camps have been there already exsist . Illegal citizens from Bangladesh and Pakistan have been deported from many years and there is nothing new, all countries have a detention centre .so please don't use agenda here . SECONDLY STOP VIEWING EVERYTHING from a biased angle against this government .Pakistan and Bangladesh are not safe for minorities and hence those minorities are being given a chance here . No ones citizenship is being taken here so please don't mislead people . and if you are illegally staying in India definitely you will be deported back so better go now or else enjoy your freedom no body is taking it away from you .

  • Rajinder V.
    28/12/2019 18:23

    Owsisi spine should be marked Doubtful citizen !!! He is now acting like a weed ..... a pest !!!!

  • Rekha C.
    28/12/2019 17:37

    From which hell their ancestors have come from ??

  • Kusum P.
    28/12/2019 16:13

    yes he is. agreed he unnecessary turns peoples mind nothing else to do

  • Prakash J.
    28/12/2019 14:36


  • Nenek C.
    28/12/2019 14:25

    India needs more people like him to remain harmonious

  • Zafar K.
    28/12/2019 10:43

    Mr. jinnah was right..we have a seperate country...a home to live ❤❤

  • Khasim H.
    28/12/2019 09:58

    Yes...he is right

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