Air Force Refuses To Quote Balakot Toll

Amid a political row over how many terrorists were killed in India’s air strike on Pakistan, the Indian Air Force lobbed the ball in government’s court. ⚽️✈️

04/03/2019 5:04 PM
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  • Balraj S.
    27/03/2019 08:54

    Fouj vi sarkar naal nahi hei hun... Fouj ne ta ih vi keh ditta ke Khalistan lehar nu dabaya nahi ja sakda te je tusi kaho ke tank topaa naal fir tou sanu ladai Karan lyi bhejenge ta asi nahi Jana te na ida koi fyada hona kyonki tusi pahila hi sikha nu ched ke musibat gall pa lyi hri...

  • Naresh B.
    27/03/2019 04:11

    It's been one month since Balakot Air Strike. If No terrorist died & No damage occured, then: 1) Why that Area is still sealed by Pakistan Army? 2) Why Pakistan Media is still banned in that area? 3) Why not a single photo, video or testimony of that area has been released by Pakistan?

  • Qasim R.
    26/03/2019 21:04

    Indian Air Force LoL 😂

  • Abdullah M.
    26/03/2019 17:47

    Joker of bjp

  • Wang C.
    26/03/2019 14:39

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Kaushal S.
    26/03/2019 09:56

    पाकिस्तानी बल्लो चूतियों एक बात बताओ चल हम तो बम भी नही गिरा कर आये पर बालाकोट तो आ गए लाहौर 60km दूर था बस ओर तुम लोदु चंदो को तो दिखाई भी नही दिया कि पापा तुम्हारी गांड ठोकने आ गए 😂😂अँधे भोसड़े कही के कबाड़े का एयर डिफेंस ओर अर्ली वार्निंग रेडार सिस्टम ले कर घूम रहे हो😂😂

  • Rahil R.
    26/03/2019 08:37

    If you didn't count the casualties how could you declare that 350 terrorist killed?

  • Farhaan F.
    25/03/2019 16:40

    Good sir truth is truth you are really good and you are stand with truth

  • Ramit M.
    25/03/2019 11:15

    Cahnge your name to Burnol... @Brut.

  • ਲਖਵਿੰਦਰ ਸ.
    25/03/2019 01:37


  • Ayan D.
    24/03/2019 20:24

    Opposition parties are like dumb and dumber movie character

  • Charanjeet S.
    24/03/2019 09:57

    Sir with all due respect- don’t tell us the number of casualties But atleast show is the pics of the people who died in the attack. I am so sure that you are much more capable than arrange pics for .

  • Amar J.
    24/03/2019 06:09

    यही सही बात है।

  • Kamalesh M.
    24/03/2019 04:04

    Joy hind

  • Romeo T.
    23/03/2019 22:17

    I was there at the balalkot during air attack, but I somehow managed to run from there and now I'm in midi's home 😁

  • Zeeshan A.
    23/03/2019 18:36

    Bolo bhai... Ab airstrike tmne kiya.. Aur casualties government batayegi.. Strange

  • Ilham M.
    23/03/2019 16:24

    Who made u air chief They responded because u violated their air space

  • Amritanshu B.
    23/03/2019 16:08

    Brut India, why dont you rename yourself. Brut Pakistan will suit you more.

  • Malik M.
    23/03/2019 12:08

    In short no damage or causality happen there... only some trees are damaged nothing else... Pakistan capture the indian pilot & they show him to the whole world & here indian media channels shut there damn mouth..

  • Mohd A.
    23/03/2019 08:22

    You are count trees

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