All Your Divorce Questions, Answered

What happens to the man's property after a divorce? Who gets alimony? Do live-in relationships have legal protection? A top divorce lawyer answers all this and more. Listen up, ladies.

06/06/2021 1:27 PM
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  • Hritik S.
    3 days

    How Unpleasant it sounded, Can I have 50% of the Properties ? As If Asking for Pizza Slices

  • Thakur R.
    3 days

    Every law stands far woman nd most of them mis use it putting wrong eligations on a inocent person law should be equal far both .

  • Devdeep S.
    4 days

    Inshort if you are a man , incase of divorce the woman is going to suck all your net worth at any cost by alimony.

  • Mishra R.
    4 days

    Bc free money earn your own money . Dahej 🤬 alimony ❤️

  • Shihtiz A.
    5 days

    Girl 1 Arushi Mathur : I signed Pre-Nup, but can i still STEAL from husband ? 💰💰 Girl 2 Anandi Saha : I earn well, but can i still STEAL from husband ? 💰💰 Girl 3 Sahan Iyer : i'm in Live-in, but can i still STEAL from guy, like other married girls ? 💰💰 Only Disha Thakur is the girl, who wanted to save her marriage. Guys, whenever you think of marriage, Always search for a girl like Disha Thakur... 👩‍❤️‍👨

  • Dheeraj K.
    5 days

    2nd girl tremendous tremendous respect

  • Tanmay S.
    5 days

    Alimony toh hona coz daddy raised a pwincess

  • Shama P.
    5 days

    Really screwed up Indian laws.

  • Dennis P.
    5 days

    Ban divorce.

  • Brian D.
    5 days

    Do you feel the law are female bais, should it change with all the equality in the equation.

  • Ajit Z.
    5 days

    Live in mebhi alimony??? Kya chal Raha hai Bhai is duniya me.

  • Imtz G.
    5 days

    Divorce Made Easy For Dummies 101 😎😎

  • Akash C.
    5 days

    Brut u are bloody controversial piece of shit.unfollow and blocked. Just seems to be agent against nation

  • Nitin S.
    5 days

    In fact marriage is not contract of love? but contract that becomes financial obligation for man and financial opportunity for a woman ( I support for those woman who doesn't have education or job, I agree to have them financial support) but if educated woman ask for it (most of them ask bcoz they want to take revenge) it's not right things, one side we talk about equality then why can't we have equal legal right for man and woman. It is not easy life for a man to have happy life after divorce, same as a woman, man never get any kind of financial benefits from woman after divorce why? Woman can earn as equal as man in fact in some profession they earn more. I want to empower Those ladies here to have self esteem, if you are capable of managing your own and can be financial strong, don't ask for money just bcoz u r angry, man has family( parents) too to look after and provide financial support, since he comes in the world, it is inherent obligation for him to provide bread and butter and good secure life to his family, so understand it..he is human not just source of money...with all due respect I am not against any woman, and I am in favor to those woman who really need support after divorce but against for those who seek revenge through the end marriage should be only meant for those who love eachother and their base of relationship is love and trust...

  • Ananthan K.
    5 days

    They are very curious about the Alimony, wealth of men, how can we plunder the guy and make him a begger 🤭😂😂... Prenup is a must.

  • Harsh D.
    5 days

    Kyu boys do not have right to marry ?

  • Tžįa Ś.
    5 days

    Hey Sarika so proud of you 👍 👏👏

  • Prabakaran K.
    6 days

    what are benefits for men in after divorce

  • Rajesh S.
    6 days

    Hi 😌

  • Anirudh P.
    6 days

    Men have little to no legal protection, practically speaking unless the wife is proven to be completely deranged..