• Pallav S.
    01/03/2022 21:00


  • Fsi M.
    01/03/2022 18:32

    U funky afraid of Ghazwa e Hind

  • Ahmad K.
    01/03/2022 16:20

    Alhamdu lillah....

  • Nasir S.
    01/03/2022 14:08

    Marta ja sharmata ja hahaha

  • Sohaib D.
    01/03/2022 13:33

    Ab Pulwama ki tra ki aik or false flag operation ki tyari ki ja rhi hai. Koi ni, hum ne b chai pakne ko rakh di hai

  • Ghazi N.
    01/03/2022 13:01

    ya brut India ko mojority pakistani nay Q like kiya wah hai........ 🤔🤔🤔

  • Kiran S.
    01/03/2022 11:24

    All laugh emojis given by ...u know who

  • Shinwari Z.
    01/03/2022 11:15


  • Ali H.
    01/03/2022 11:11

    indian media 😂😁😆 nice story like 5 star hotel in kabul ...

  • Umer G.
    01/03/2022 10:25

    Wo agar kashmir m ata na tu tum logo ki phat k hath m a jati

  • Sayyaf K.
    01/03/2022 10:07

    We call them freedom fighters ✌️

  • Brut India
    01/03/2022 10:00

    Here's how the Taliban got sophisticated American weapons:

  • Shahid W.
    01/03/2022 09:01

    Sab joot ..😆 Khud late hai 😂. Khud kehte hai 😂😂 Nothing is in Kashmir.

  • Sevket K.
    01/03/2022 08:41

    infact 8 lac Indian soldiers are stuck in Kashmir they can't leave from there. and this is what Pakistan is playing very well.

  • Saurav S.
    01/03/2022 08:12

    Fact - Pakistan Army raised these terrorist to disturb India and they end up killing the Army kids in Peshawar.... U can't breed a snake assuming that it will not bite back...

  • Gagandeep S.
    01/03/2022 05:37

    They did it on purpose... Leaving behind a never ending conflict so that they can take advantage of it again and again.. USA is nothing but pawn of devil ....

  • Faisal N.
    01/03/2022 05:33

    If gand phatti had a face, then he is true example of it even with 1million troops on the ground they cant control half of kashmir 😂😂 😂😂

  • Himanshu M.
    01/03/2022 05:02

    🐷 🐷

  • Maliha S.
    01/03/2022 02:44

    Abey border par itni security hai phir ata kha se hai

  • Saad K.
    01/03/2022 02:19

    Idiot people Pakistan would've provided all this equipments by himself if wanted to why would we wait for US to leave and then gather and carry their left overs to LOC...... Blames and propaganda

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