Amid Farmers’ Protest, Scientist Refuses Award

“My conscience does not allow me.” This farm scientist from Ludhiana rejected a prestigious award just when a Central minister was about to hand it to him. Here’s why....

10/12/2020 1:27 PM
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  • Virk P.
    25/06/2021 02:27


  • Kavita C.
    06/02/2021 11:48


  • Gagandeep K.
    07/01/2021 13:48

    100 salutes to his daring and bravei

  • Poonam S.
    07/01/2021 10:57


  • Rahul S.
    06/01/2021 14:15

    Inko bhi andh bhakt kehnge ye to gawar hai anti national hai

  • Firdousi A.
    06/01/2021 06:42

    Salute 🙏🙏

  • Muzammil S.
    01/01/2021 13:57

    लंगर के पिज्जे तो तुम्हें दिख गये, दिसम्बर की ठंड तुम्हें दिखी नहीं। ढूंढने में लग गये तुम देशद्रोही, इन किसानों में रिटायर फौजी तुम्हें दिखे नहीं। इन्हीं के बेटे लड़ रहे हैं सरहद पर, इनके किये उपकार तुम्हें दिखे नहीं। तन-मन समर्पित है इनका इस मिट्टी को, भला क्यूँ ये किसान भाई तुम्हें दिखे नहीं। फ़ंडिंग किसने की ये तुम पूछते हो, लॉक डाउन में किये दान तुम्हें दिखे नहीं। भगत सिंह को भी टेररिस्ट कहा गया था कभी, इन सरकारों के झूठे बयान तुम्हें दिखे नही। मसाज करती कुछ मशीनें तो तुम्हें दिख गईं, पैरों के जख्म तुम्हें दिखे नहीं। लंगर के काजू-बादाम तो तुम्हें दिख गये, इन बुजुर्ग किसानों के बलिदान तुम्हें दिखे नहीं। आजाओ बचा लो पूँजीपत्तियो से देश को, ऐसा ना हो कि फ़िर कभी किसान दिखे नहीं। किसान एकता जिंदाबाद👍

  • Kawaljit S.
    29/12/2020 19:46

    This takes guts!

  • Ashok J.
    29/12/2020 18:51

    I am trying hard to believe that this guy had any consciousness, perhaps he doesn’t know the meaning of it

  • N G.
    28/12/2020 20:00

    Shame on godi govt

  • Gaganpreet S.
    24/12/2020 17:32


  • Vishavjeet G.
    23/12/2020 05:37


  • Jyoti D.
    22/12/2020 07:17

    Canada PM Trudeau you listen ya Stay out of this Our country has a parliament Understand The bills were passed by our people’s assembly So how dare you TAlk against it India is not your colony ya We were British colony but now independent We Indians feel super insulted that you have the gall to interfere in our parliament matters How dare you ? As for protests ? One state Punjab mainly Have issues Our PM has taken many tough decisions Like GST Demonetization Just to name a few And we all over India felt the brunt and adapted Because we are law abiding citizens For the good of our nation We have to adapt As for the protests Let the elected leaders handle it Okay Or better come with your army and colonize us Make us your slaves ?????? How About that ? How dare you insult our parliament Don’t forget we are the biggest democracy in the world

  • Sandeep S.
    21/12/2020 17:08

    Why did he go there 😂 makai di roti khane ke liye

  • Gurji V.
    20/12/2020 12:47

    It's just a publicity stunt because if it was a genuine refusal, he should not have attended the event and inform in advance that he'll not be receiving the award.

  • Jasmeet S.
    19/12/2020 10:34

    So brave and honest of him to refuse the award. Respect for him. Salute to you Sir

  • Gaurav S.
    19/12/2020 06:57

    Salute Singh Saab 🙏🙏

  • Meer A.
    19/12/2020 02:19

    He is Farmers son....nation farmer forget him for his contribution

  • Bill M.
    18/12/2020 18:10


  • Ricky P.
    18/12/2020 05:08

    What a great chap👏🏼 huge respect for you sir. You are an idol for young generations. Proud to be an Indian as well as Punjabi 🙏

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