Amit Shah Praises India's Handling Of Covid-19

Thousands of Indians died during the second wave of Covid-19, but Home Minister Amit Shah feels that India achieved "huge success" under PM Modi's leadership. Do you agree?

04/06/2021 2:57 PM
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  • Huzaifa S.
    28/06/2021 07:12

    Bolne mai kya jata hai..Andk bhat hai wah wah karne ke liye..

  • Fahim S.
    12/06/2021 08:13

    Aee safed kapda.

  • Shubham T.
    09/06/2021 12:02

    Countries with less resources but people centric leadership like Bangladesh, pakistan and Srilanka have managed pandamic much better than world's biggest vaccine manufacturing country, having way better medical infrastructure than any other south asian country in the leadership of a self obsessed, bigoted and ignorant man . Same goes to trump in usa and bolsenaro in Brazil. Mind you I'm not citing any Scandinavian country with best infra or African countries with negligible medical infra . Though these countries did excellent.

  • Radhakrishnan L.
    09/06/2021 06:37

    Where were you when people were literally dying in public areas, in auto, hospitals..? Where were you when there was long line just to cremate their love one or thrown the bodies into the river? Where were you then?

  • Avinash S.
    08/06/2021 14:36

    Koi laaaz nahi hai isko

  • Shamlal P.
    08/06/2021 12:36


  • Pradyumna V.
    08/06/2021 11:12

    Compared to US ,UK,italy India has done a very good job

  • Akib S.
    08/06/2021 10:49

    Mota bhai ek 90 ka pack maar lo yaar aap ..

  • Capri C.
    08/06/2021 05:17

    Mtrcht amitshh

  • Amit B.
    08/06/2021 05:09

    When the number of cases and deaths are compromised to maintain some kind of weird ranking of states, no one can give a clear picture

  • Khan M.
    08/06/2021 04:13

    hogaya takala ab aur zumla ba g na karo

  • Asifa A.
    08/06/2021 03:51


  • Yogit P.
    07/06/2021 23:54

    In fact 135 crore citizens were manipulated by the government. The government imposed it's own decisions on people and people were left with no choice expect to follow it.

  • Nashir H.
    07/06/2021 19:31

    Shameless useless gunda tadipaar ruling our nation....

  • Jimmy K.
    07/06/2021 19:22

    Lies after lies after lies !!Shame on you Mr. Shah!!! We will happily kick you and the PM out of office , this coming election! We the people will never forget !!!

  • Yamini S.
    07/06/2021 17:13

    If the prompt action were not taken by this BJP government, then we could see much more pain....they took all decision on fast track, they are very proactive towards any kind of problems....

  • Joe D.
    07/06/2021 16:35

    ...looks like the citizens suffering and dying was a huge success for him.

  • Debjit S.
    07/06/2021 16:16

    They got huge success in recently concluded poll in WB and expect to gain a huge margin in forthcoming poll in Punjab and Goa...🤩👍

  • Rana M.
    07/06/2021 14:07

    These words are trying to erase the truth, the true situation which we have gone through, but it is not possible, everyone knows the truth

  • Prasad M.
    07/06/2021 13:53

    Yes I agree with sha

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