An Unusual Case Of Chain Snatching

On a lazy afternoon in Delhi, two men bumped into each other. What followed was a rude surprise.

06/10/2020 2:14 PMupdated: 06/10/2020 2:16 PM
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  • Jhon E.
    19/02/2021 10:17

    Le gusta buscar problemas así terminará

  • Endra K.
    18/02/2021 18:02


  • Ivan A.
    18/02/2021 02:03


  • Fey R.
    15/02/2021 00:22

    Biasa lah di india biar ada yg liat kejadian apa pun pasti nganga nganga kaya gondang, coba klo liat sapi yg di lecehkan atau diperkosa, baru cepat bergerak nya.

  • Delmi M.
    12/02/2021 22:28

    Pero el señor porque enceguida no se retiró de allí el está como inotisado atontado

  • Bruno R.
    11/02/2021 10:25

    Jajajjajaja ....acá en Perú eso es de todos los dias

  • Jose M.
    11/02/2021 01:04

    Cobarde de m.

  • Milton P.
    10/02/2021 16:01

    Yo lo ubiese picado al ladron

  • Said A.
    26/01/2021 08:57

    كلب حقير جبان.

  • Zakrii Z.
    19/01/2021 20:50

    هههه هدا هو تكراع هههه

  • Mohammed E.
    19/01/2021 12:51

    Lo que no entiendo para que sierven las cámaras. Cojones estos hijos de la grand puta hay que encerrar los pa toda la vida.

  • Jeps S.
    30/12/2020 13:14

    omg wtf

  • Sobirin Z.
    24/12/2020 11:33

    Guoblok bapak itu..makanya jantan sikit jadi orang pak..belajar njingkang orang..kok mau seenaknya digituin sm anjing itu..

  • Janet Y.
    24/12/2020 03:23

    India hahaha

  • Thal D.
    23/12/2020 14:05

    Pambili nila sabon at deodorant kaya nila nagagawa yang mang agaw ng mga mamahaling gamit..

  • Boo H.
    23/12/2020 13:25

    He give signal for his buddies on a far back while walking straight then went right to "accidently" bump with the poor victim. Hopefully he got caught already

  • Aman H.
    22/12/2020 04:37

    The best part they are well like by the Singapore government who invites them in thousands as CECA. Or so called foreign talents. India got talent alright.

  • Maël L.
    22/12/2020 03:30


  • Sharmaine E.
    17/12/2020 21:41


  • Patrice S.
    17/12/2020 18:07

    most of these people dont know how to protect themselves through fighting. they are always very easy targets. its really sad they dont focus on violence which is good but now you can see why people are always taken advantage of.

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