Angry Nirmala Sitharaman Takes On Raghuram Rajan

A terse Nirmala Sitharaman returned fire after Raghuram Rajan accused the Modi government of lacking the vision for growth. ⚔️

18/10/2019 2:02 PM
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  • Johnson J.
    22/10/2020 06:49

    Utter tailure

  • Raghuvansh K.
    13/07/2020 14:53

    Let us see full debate.Do not try to hide the facts spoken by Mr.P Chidambaram.When great economists,leave a Government,even those brought in by the government itself,then questions regarding competency of it appears evident.

  • Vijayanta K.
    04/07/2020 08:24

    Bi**h kindly fill my car

  • Abhilash B.
    26/06/2020 22:26

    Don't you talk shit about Dr. Raghuram Rajan !!

  • Allauddin K.
    29/05/2020 10:05

    Manmohan singh and raghuram rajan is more qualified and educated then this mai pyaz aur lehsun nahi khati unty

  • Achuta R.
    21/05/2020 06:43

    There is lot to be exposed or explained as to what happened and how Niravs, Mallyas and Choksis left the country? Is RR honest and owns his responsibility to cleanse the system, oversee how the PSBs were functioning?

  • Vetri M.
    10/04/2020 16:42

    She is the stupidest minister in the CABINET. Arrogant nothing but empty drump

  • Vetri M.
    10/04/2020 16:42

    She proved again and again that she is idiot of the highest order

  • Venkataramanan T.
    07/04/2020 21:20

    TALKS WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE , TO THROW BLAMES IS EASY THAT TO IN PARLIAMENT , HE WILL ONLY BROUGHT OUT THE SAD STATE OF BANKS IN INDIA, HOW MANY PEOPLE SHE BROUGHT BACK ,only the governors too ran away. ONLY BJP HAS PLUNDERED RBI WHOLE SALE,. ALL THE ASSETS OF ALL PSUs is being swalowed & spend in unproductive activities.what action it has taken on REliance who sold the shares of reliance power for RS 450 /=& declared bankruptcy?

  • Arun K.
    08/03/2020 07:39

    She is rubbish nothing bin head arrogant lady

  • Deepu P.
    08/03/2020 00:58

    Bull shit

  • Deepakjayapal J.
    06/03/2020 14:30

    U will b blamed for blunders in banks. Think centralized bank can't c the pictures of growth

  • Ramanath B.
    05/03/2020 07:03

    Rajan only has to explain the truth

  • Ganesha N.
    29/02/2020 07:53

    Madam forget Raghuram Rajan... Just listen to your husband and save India..!! We all saw what your urgit patil did...!! Sorry what you did with urjit patil..!! Get qualified before you speak..!!

  • Karthik V.
    27/02/2020 11:16


  • Yash M.
    24/02/2020 21:44

    She dont want to accept that our economy is slowing down, but blames on Raghuram, for bad loans which were not sanction in his time. We know he is one of the finest economist of India... Govt fails to raise the GDP...

  • Praphul C.
    21/02/2020 05:10


  • Jagdish M.
    18/02/2020 17:16

    We should not entertain such people like her who even doesn't have the ability to run the economy just has one ability to spill everything on the upa.

  • Anish K.
    17/02/2020 19:05


  • Kūṉäļ M.
    17/02/2020 07:09

    An arrogant old women should resign from her post The tag FM with respect is being given to her is nothing but Failed Minister In each word of her shows the anger The frustration of being failing And since she can't reply with strong move which can nourish or even not harm to the government's assets She can only spit the poison We As a youth of India With all due respect wants you to resign from your post,,.

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