Anti-Maskers Abuse Nepali Uber Driver

Subhakar Khadka, an Uber driver in San Francisco, alleged that three women passengers coughed on him and abused him after he asked one of them to wear a mask. A now-viral dash-cam clip shows the bizarre attack. CW: abuse

12/03/2021 5:18 PMupdated: 12/03/2021 5:19 PM
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  • Abdel S.
    07/08/2021 17:12

    I want to Apologize on behalf of the American people These animals weren’t raised rigut

  • Shraddha N.
    03/06/2021 11:28


  • Rin K.
    26/05/2021 09:59

    If i were the uber driver , i would definitely break them into several pieces wtf😡😡

  • Neelam J.
    20/04/2021 06:27

    These stupid women, remember their faces and no Uber should Ever give them ride.

  • Akash D.
    09/04/2021 08:51

    These modern influencer are really disgust to the society....many are there in india also

  • Nandish D.
    08/04/2021 10:41

    fake virus gud job girls

  • Kartik V.
    06/04/2021 12:21

    your kind of chick

  • Paolenthang T.
    06/04/2021 05:58

    Hypocrites 😡

  • Sherly A.
    05/04/2021 20:42

    What are the names of these girls?

  • Andy G.
    05/04/2021 16:07

    Silly cunt no other words

  • Prema S.
    03/04/2021 09:36

    damn good, he did the right thing, why wasnt the police not called

  • Andy K.
    02/04/2021 15:56

    Maybe they're illiterates 😂

  • Gary B.
    30/03/2021 23:45

    Spit on her ugly face and kick her out of the car

  • Oishee B.
    29/03/2021 20:58

    She herself is a bitch....fake eyelash pore nijeke shundor bhaba ta is a sign of fucked up head

  • Paritosh B.
    29/03/2021 14:01

    Makeup is more important than death

  • Karamathulla S.
    29/03/2021 06:01

    The law enforcing authorities must arrest the law breakers and punish to make aware of such arrogant and bullying characters that law is above thr personal choice of any individuals when pendamic is not abating. Men and women are to be treated equally by the enforcing authorities not with any consideration of gender after seeing this video.

  • Naveen K.
    28/03/2021 14:13

    Racial discrimination is a thing of past now . People from all religion including minorities & tribals etc are all one in the eye of constitution & should be equally respected & they all have equal rights in eye of law . My advice would be to give back as good as you get . Nothing to be afraid of during these times !!!

  • Kenny L.
    28/03/2021 12:31

    Sue Uber for what bitch

  • Sparsha G.
    28/03/2021 11:30


  • Madhu C.
    28/03/2021 10:48

    And in India we have to say the driver to wear the mask in uber

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