Are Brazil's President and PM Modi BFFs?

Spot the difference! PM Modi and Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro share some striking similarities. Bolsonaro was invited by PM Modi as the official chief guest for India's 2020 republic day parade.🤝

26/01/2020 6:57 AM
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  • Mahesh D.
    02/02/2020 07:24

    We are thankful to modiji for killing muslim terrorist of ISIS in KASHMIR

  • Mohan R.
    31/01/2020 04:51

    2 dumb people leading the country

  • Rohit P.
    29/01/2020 18:40


  • Keshob P.
    29/01/2020 15:35

    @Brut_India why you didn't say that this seat was given to China due to lack of Neheruji's inability to read future.

  • Gautam M.
    28/01/2020 23:07

    Fascists inhumans

  • Madhivanan
    28/01/2020 14:32

    Excellent Super

  • Brut India
    28/01/2020 14:30

    PM Modi and President Bolsonaro signed 15 different agreements:

  • Anuraj B.
    27/01/2020 16:08

    Sad to see a guest like him at Republic day.....this shows how India's image have been maligned internationally

  • Arun M.
    27/01/2020 05:44

    Take a look at our nation's 6 year scorecard

  • Dinesh M.
    27/01/2020 05:28

    Wishing you all Happy 70th Republic Day! Remembering the Father of Indian Republic, Bharatratna, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar who gave us the best Constitution in the world.

  • Gaurav R.
    27/01/2020 04:41

    For last several weeks this page has been hideously trying to portray that all anti caa protest are harmless . It posts all protests on its page . But doesn’t post anything about jnu students asking for independence of Assam . Any guesses why ??? Because that will taint the image of anti caa protest that this page is trying to portray . Shame on its journalist . This is not journalism . This is agenda based news coverage .. A genuine news channel would post all types of protest on caa .

  • Arjun D.
    26/01/2020 19:29


  • Jaideep P.
    26/01/2020 18:41

    We live the Brazilian ppl n football NOT the Right-wing PMs or their followers of either!

  • Kay K.
    26/01/2020 18:21

    I'm unfollowing this chu*****a admin.. I'm definately sure now that the admin of this page is a illegal immigrants from neighbouring country... His views are anti india... Not just anti modi...

  • Vâšn Ï.
    26/01/2020 18:17

    Idiots, it is Illegal immigrants, again to hell with your false propaganda

  • Mohaimenul I.
    26/01/2020 18:08

    were both of them teavendors?

  • Christopher D.
    26/01/2020 15:05

    Striking similarities: both fascist and completely unqualified

  • Balaji S.
    26/01/2020 14:50

    Bolsanaro is a piece of Shit while Modi is a Jewel. Like it or not that's the Fact✌️

  • Lucky K.
    26/01/2020 14:29


  • David P.
    26/01/2020 13:29

    PM Modi or President of India invites...?

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