Are Indian Women Wary Of Going For A Drink?

An exit plan. Comfortable shoes. 100% charged phone battery. Indian women tell Brut why popping out to have a drink with friends isn't such a simple thing for them.

20/03/2021 6:57 AM
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  • Sudip G.
    25/03/2021 16:05

    You need no checklist, Why go out drinking with a stranger? Stop it... Go for a lunch date instead... Go with your buddies for drinks.. enjoy...!! Cut the drama.. World is equally bad for males while one roam with strangers, no matter which country it is..

  • Sudipto C.
    23/03/2021 11:32

    Unpopular opinion: Why not buy the alcohol and bring it HOME and invite your friends and order a nice pizza and chicken and kababs etc and have a nice house party?

  • Deepali P.
    23/03/2021 10:13

    I just get drunk with my boyfriend and his family members like uncle or friends..... everyone knows me so even if I end up getting too much drunk I know I'll end up in one piece at home....but yess I don't get drink if I'm away from them..... because you can't trust anyone not only in india but in any part of the world.....

  • Akriti C.
    23/03/2021 08:37

    Glad to be living in Gujrat then. It's real safe here.

  • Kp S.
    23/03/2021 04:50

    दिल्ली में रात में जाओ क्लब में , ये सब जो यहां रोना रो रही है सब नाचती मिलेगी 😒😒 ऐसा कुछ नहीं है बस फेमिनिस्ट का रण्डी रोना लगा ही रहता है 😒😒😒

  • Soumya S.
    22/03/2021 15:48

    Bhaiya hum ladke log bhi bahar jake control me pite , tul nhi hote , lautke ghar wapas ana hai , apna bike leke nhi jate , police pakda to challan katega , anjan admi ke sath random nhi pite aur open bottle to kabhi nhi .... Aur bahar khi bhi jao cash, I card aur power bank leke jao . ye sab general precaution hai , both for ladka as well as ladki .

  • Bharat K.
    22/03/2021 04:59

    Yeah spread more paranoia

  • Shayna K.
    21/03/2021 20:31

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  • Adarsh K.
    21/03/2021 18:48

    Brut is high not drunk.

  • Nitish K.
    21/03/2021 12:09

    Ye hai normal zindagi Woh jo hua, woh thi mentos zindagi

  • Savv Y.
    21/03/2021 10:35

    If India makes a law for men not to be out after 6pm in general, India will become atleast 60% safe😏

  • Sneha S.
    21/03/2021 10:28

    Well Frankly, I don't think women in my state at all have to do these things...we go out and have fun just like men...we are fortunate not to experience these things in my state but ofcourse being cautious is very important and listening to ur own instincts works all the time

  • Bhat S.
    21/03/2021 07:49

    This is honestly so sad that they have to feel this way. I hope my fellow men try and understand this and try being of help and make them feel safe an comfortable and also take responsibility for a women's life and make sure they provide a safe environment for them.

  • Pramod K.
    21/03/2021 06:41

    Didi ko life bhi enjoy karni hai and phir darr bhi lagta hai 😂😂😂😂 Hamare desh meine iske ilawe bhi kafi issues hai unke baar meine cover kar loe yar

  • Tenzin D.
    21/03/2021 06:31

    OMG look at the comment section! Its all men saying its not true! You all need a medal for not raping woman in a park or for not stalking or maybe another medal for not whipping out your dick and jerking off when woman is literally just walking??

  • Sreeni R.
    21/03/2021 05:02

    Point is - Everyone have to take care of themselves.. !! Men/Women ..

  • Rajeev J.
    21/03/2021 04:43

    Wow, such a big issue raised by Brut India. Woman not able to drink is a big social issue. Drinking like man is a landmark and symbol of woman empowerment

  • Yumlembam A.
    21/03/2021 02:30

    All you hot Indian chickas come to North East. And feel the difference. Just trust me. It's no joke. Don't believe me? Just do some research.

  • Siva T.
    21/03/2021 02:30

    I don't why some people simply say India is not a safe country for women,Most of people who says like that they never gone out of the country . It's happening all around the world for both girls and boys ,so think before what ur saying against ur country

  • Somya R.
    21/03/2021 02:04

    Same is everywhere.... I wonder what is the situation in islamic countries....Burkha, make guardianship, no drinking, no women rights, etc....

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