Are Simultaneous Elections In India A Good idea?

Brut India asked a Supreme Court lawyer whether it makes sense to hold national and state elections at the same time.

06/14/2018 12:00 AM
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  • Jignesh G.
    07/03/2018 03:13

    How stupid he is 😂 Agar koi government 5 saal nai chalti the rastrapati shasan to he hi or agar koi gov. 2 saal hi chale to election karvao but gov. Chalegi 3 saal hi or 2.5 saal k upar gai to next 2.5 rastrapati shasan otherwise ye to chalta hi jayega ek k Baad ek election

  • Ankit N.
    07/03/2018 02:57

    This fucking brut is always against PM Modi .

  • Akash V.
    07/03/2018 01:46


  • Rishi B.
    07/02/2018 21:01

    Yaar this Hegde is a Congress dude..why ask him questions

  • Arjun S.
    07/02/2018 21:00

    Did he just say “ save time and money “?? Modi already got 1k crores in his pocket , how much more does he want to save up ??

  • கார்த்திக் ர.
    07/02/2018 17:44

    This is called taking away state hood rights and bringing central governance in all the state , is this democracy or bureaucracy ? is this federals setup going to be ruined ? there is nothing going to change in terms of money involved in conducting the election whether it is all the states in one single shot or in their own way he is confusing the court, constitution of india . he is actually challenging Constitution of india now .

  • Abhinav J.
    07/02/2018 12:38

    Yeah so that the blind wave of support for a single national candidate from a particular party can round up and win the whole country in one fell swoop. Sound familiar?

  • MrShankar M.
    07/02/2018 12:14

    Balatkari Jumla Party Jindabad...

  • Aditya S.
    07/02/2018 11:30

    Sanjay Hegde? Write Congress Leader instead of Supreme Court Lawyer. I know this page is run by Congress funded sources but atleast write it correct. Everybody knows who is Sanjay Hegde.

  • Rahim S.
    07/02/2018 10:05

    It is GOOD for INDIA

  • Firoz K.
    07/02/2018 07:07

    Desh ka sabse bada aatankwadi hai

  • Firoz K.
    07/02/2018 07:06

    Modi ko Phansi do

  • Rajiv D.
    07/02/2018 03:10

    The lawyer's selection is outstanding congressi admin.

  • T. A.
    07/02/2018 02:40


  • Pijush G.
    07/01/2018 23:56

    Chinta maat karo, chota Bhim ki c#@06 ke rakh dega.

  • Ravi R.
    07/01/2018 17:18

    Maroon and Evelyn Narendra Modi ko Maro madarchod

  • Vivek P.
    07/01/2018 17:09

    Oh , you didn't ask some supreme court lawyer, you asked Sanjay Hegde. *slow claps* you're just another fake news factory like quint. Taking a Congress bootlickers opinion wow. So original.

  • Siddharth R.
    07/01/2018 16:23

    Stupid post.Just to oppose someone dnt criticise good things.

  • Aditya D.
    07/01/2018 14:51

  • Kaviarasan V.
    07/01/2018 14:41

    First tell him to stop going for other countries.. This will reduce the cost most of it 😂😂. And tell him to visit each & every state of our country.