Are Simultaneous Elections In India A Good idea?

Brut India asked a Supreme Court lawyer whether it makes sense to hold national and state elections at the same time.

06/14/2018 12:00 AM
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  • Suseendra V.
    06/21/2019 00:11

    How long will the election process go one three months or six months if the EC is able to conduct the election in 5 to 7 days then everything will be okay and it should not depend on state government or other central government employees to conduct elections, because they are not responsible for the malpractices during the election times, Is it possible to conduct elections of 572 MP seats in a week? then we can talk about one nation one election.

  • Dheeraj U.
    06/20/2019 19:48

    People should also look at the background of this lawyer and his political leanings. He is not bipartisan and that is I am damn sure about.

  • Raghupathi A.
    06/20/2019 10:23

    Brut ...peddles lies..driven by an agenda..i.e. anti India anti Hindu..stop watching this ...

  • Brut India
    06/20/2019 09:27

    The concept of simultaneous elections may be gaining traction:

  • Mahmood A.
    06/20/2019 07:34

    Give one year to nation then dissolve the parliament & all state assemblies conduct the elections not under governor rule but under state high courts

  • RaKesh S.
    06/20/2019 06:47

    We , the people want it for sure !! This System may precede changes ,but then only a reform occurs !!

  • Prabhakar G.
    06/20/2019 06:34

    As this idea is from Modi, it is not acceptable for these so-called Intellectuals. That stupid idea of₹72000/- by Raga is very innovative & practical for them.

  • Poojya R.
    06/20/2019 06:31

    There are many other issues to work on but why only elections are getting hyped.

  • Karuna S.
    06/20/2019 05:53

    Disaster after disaster.

  • Raghupathi A.
    06/20/2019 05:07

    Why not..its a good idea indeed..those who are opposing it..obviously for different reason..

  • Sheikh I.
    06/19/2019 18:26

    India is capital of rape Case no body change the law. how's responsible children died illness

  • Sunaknfak C.
    06/19/2019 18:02

    State govt and central govt have different jobs. People want cruel leader at centre to crush jehadis. Also want soft leader at state to give unfair benefits to people.

  • Heavenly P.
    06/19/2019 15:31

    Do you Support Naredra Modi's Idea of One Nation One Election ?? आप एक चुनाव के पक्ष में हो..?मेरा तो हाँ है.... आपका@?

  • Santosh A.
    06/19/2019 15:24

    Waiting for another disaster 😫

  • Gkrish G.
    06/19/2019 15:01

    Though i too am of the opinion that single election is not feasible at present, i am not ready to buy the argument from this biased advocate. Brut please get a genuine opinion from an impartial advocate. Not this well known anti Modi advocate.

  • पंडित न.
    06/19/2019 13:52

    Right. It is moot point to ponder about before its implementation!

  • D D.
    06/19/2019 13:47

    The supreme Court lawyer is justified in his reservation regarding the one nation one election.... it will be like tampering with the Constitution which is the base of governce for our country.

  • Balaji S.
    06/19/2019 13:46

    Who is Sanjay Hegde? A Congress stooge who defends the corrupt at courts that's what he is and it is natural for him to oppose a good idea

  • D D.
    06/19/2019 13:36

    Wow what a brilliant strategy to fool the nation by fideling with the EVM and election results for both elections in one go.

  • Alfred D.
    06/19/2019 13:33

    By evening the result should take place and after day VVPAT should be counted