• Gary M.
    4 hours

    we want the Kejriwal kind of government here in Shillong and we want him as the next PM...

  • Nilav N.
    a day

    Keju should be thrown out of seat. Couldn't manage covid spread just visits govt offices and scolds people

  • Yogendra S.
    2 days

    Call rice bag.. you ll get, whats problems now center state.. 🤣

  • Jiban B.
    2 days

    patra mathrchd... Modi ke luwde cuuss ne wala ..

  • Uma M.
    2 days

    Make contactless delivery and do bookkeeping ,so simple.Why making so much fuss.I knw receiving ,getting should tk pic,politics sucks..

  • Pavan C.
    2 days

    Dear BJP its happening in ANDHRA YS JAGAN THE LEADER

  • Rohit D.
    2 days

    Kejriwal here makes a lot of sense. In this covid era, ration should reach home to the needy people. He is trying to innovate and bjp should collaborate with him.

  • Jaideep S.
    2 days

    Modi's picture on Vaccine certificates is called 'Bas credit chahiye inhe'.

  • Kimmi L.
    2 days

    Here in Andhra Pradesh it's happening and my mother in law gets her ration deliver at her doorstep every month.

  • Manu V.
    2 days

    Kejriwal ji.... Bjp ko dedo pls credit... Greeb ko rashan mil jaye... Kaafi hai

  • Anthony D.
    2 days


  • Mc G.
    2 days

    Can somebody tell me how much the party in the centre is messing the public money to their own credit or advertisement? Do we still remember the WORLD TOUR vlog by our PM? Do we realise how basic commodities are sky rocketting? What was the cost of the statue? Who benefit from all these? The public or the lords....

  • Raghav R.
    2 days

    what sense . For digital days ..He wants manual process to follow any sense. Lets go for realistic scenario. He earns money deals with his plans. Simple delivering order to house required minimum 1 crore people means 15 to 20+ k delivery team members , packing to reach end point users. - Who will pay for them .. per order 1000 rs central govt food now required additional Rs 1000-1500 average extra for additional money for his photo album printing kits , repacking and distribution. 1. Next he can enjoy deals like distribution agents contracts to his party MLAs connection business will grow. 2. Packaging deals - For delivery such huze qty required more plastic usage and he help his party team for deals. 3. Next delivery vehicle deals. All cost who will pay .. either 3rd party contract internal adjustment or govt should buy vehicle deal contract . 4. Next advertising deals business for trp from media. who will pay all his trp business . 5. Next he demands more funds from central for distribution channel business..Is it possible around 35 state plus Union territories. 6 . Next AAP Food compliance team setup deal . Superb deal maker no doubt. .. what other state govt do for next like suppose sample Karnataka 20 plus district means one district required minimum 50 to 100 vehicle. Across India 1000 district or big city division etc think how many vehicles required. Sambit patra views perfect. Every area separate rules not possible .. based on his fun think UP 24plus crore people then think delivery required funds plus plastic usage bcz now ration store helping reduce plastic usage and it helps stop environment damage. Kejriwal idea required more packaging plastic usage . if he wants to give ration kit then he can procure his Delhi citizens extra tax and give how he wants his fun. Who is stopping .. next he wants his state separate 370 rules then others states what will do . Now most of the state govt under financial crisis and all required funds for new system additional funds and all state now he want to enjoy his business deals to impact other states. Next what central govt can do double GST , Income tax, Petrol rates . End result simple corruption life and scam world back.

  • Tandon R.
    3 days

    I think ruling central party should give some free hand to good state party

  • Kiran R.
    3 days

    Has kejariwal started home delivery or just media hype,politicians stop blabbering n implementation is important

  • Apeksha M.
    3 days

    patra wala part suniyo

  • Reyhan E.
    3 days

    Sambit ek not ka bc hi 🙋🏻‍♂️

  • Gorang G.
    3 days

    Dono party chutiya Banane mein number one Hain bcc ... ye nahin mil kar kam Kar Lein

  • Chiranjeev D.
    3 days

    Khud toh kuch karte nahin,aur dusro k kam par apna gande comments pass kar kar k ongc ka director bangaya

  • Arihant J.
    3 days

    Moreover Brut India has also become mouthpiece of AAP like many others. Reality will come soon.