• Zachariah T.
    08/10/2019 13:08

    They could be given fruits but not frooti plz...

  • Jaskaranbir S.
    06/10/2019 02:57

    Wah ❤ Balu Badshah

  • Jay M.
    05/10/2019 07:13

    This happens only in India.

  • Jack S.
    04/10/2019 10:21

    जय माता दी चामुंडा देवी

  • Senthil K.
    04/10/2019 02:17


  • Ravi S.
    03/10/2019 16:13

    see this amazing movement

  • Shrawan S.
    01/10/2019 02:27

    ये सच है मैने खुद देखा है... चँडी मंदिर बागबहरा (छ0ग0)

  • かつもと も.
    27/09/2019 09:57

    Effing Frooty?!?!

  • Kevin W.
    27/09/2019 09:49

    Kartikey Sharan Singh

  • Abhishek P.
    26/09/2019 17:48

    If it is then let b as it is

  • Santa M.
    26/09/2019 14:24

    Don’t give them any kind of processed food

  • Brut India
    26/09/2019 04:55

    These almost-extinct turtles find peace at this Hindu temple:

  • Rhythema R.
    25/09/2019 03:25

    It's a Nice interaction with the wild...but giving them extremely high in sugar "Frooti" would for sure cause more harm to the entire population visiting this temple.

  • Vinayak K.
    24/09/2019 17:41

    Gauri Singh

  • Asit J.
    24/09/2019 15:36

    This is absolutely real and trust me its surreal to find this huge and fercious animal in a state of utter calm and harmony with humans. Blessings of Maa.

  • Andrew T.
    24/09/2019 11:32

    Giving them food is counterproductive to their well-being ! Hope people avoid such practices

  • Yougander R.
    24/09/2019 05:51

    They seem so sweet

  • Apurba K.
    24/09/2019 05:32

    Great to know.Really nice information about the Temple and the Bears roaming at the premises of the Temple. Bears are not totally innocent or non violent at all.Sometimes they can attack and kill anyone but here yet this not happened due to Mungai Mata blessings and mercy on devotees.I have read in a biography book of Pandit Iswar CHANDRA VIDYASAGAR of BENGAL that his grandfather once was going to a village of Midnapore of West Bengal of INDIA through a forest then a big bear attacked the grandfather of VIDYASAGAR and injured him seriously though he was a very very strong and sturdy and healthy and very tall figured man like big height wrestler and he carried a big iron rod in his hand as to walk then he was above sixty years old .He was going to meet a relative.However he killed the bear with that iron rod and reached the house of relative in the evenings half dearly and stayed six months at relative house and came back.so Bears are not at all non violent. 24.9.19.