Beauty Queen Has Interesting Response About Modi

This beauty queen from Nagaland left the audience in splits when she was asked what she would like to discuss with the Indian prime minister.

10/16/2019 12:44 PMupdated: 10/16/2019 12:46 PM
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  • Ali M.
    a day

    Got Balls

  • Sun P.
    a day

    Her reply is an image of how the world works. And I truly agree with her ^^ cause many places we still let women be second class citizens. They are constructed to be house wife, beauty for men, and object etc. If we can care so much for a cow and see it as holy. We should see women the same way ^^

  • Rakesh R.
    a day

    I think PM modi ji should give important to improve some women’s mental health or else examples like this ll occur in future.

  • Nelluri Y.
    a day

    Ur beautiful thsn ur answer....

  • Fahad M.
    a day

    Ye tou lol hoegawa 😂 Kitni be-izzati hoti hai pr bhi itne dheeet Han k baaz nhi atay 😊 Modia ab tou sharam krlo kch

  • Siddharthanandan S.
    a day

    Cows are also living beings on earth. So, it is better to protect cows that hypocrite girls like you🤣

  • Vinay S.
    a day


  • Ngamcha K.
    a day

    I love cow meat,I just love it!!!

  • Pradeep N.
    a day

    We will show intrest o cow and women dont teach us 3rd class knowledge girl

  • Satya R.
    a day

    Beauty without brain. Har har modi

  • Harshada J.
    a day

    You're eating cows that's the main reason cows are been focused more.

  • Vikas K.
    a day

    Great answer , she would be crown bearer, I mean winner

  • Rachna J.
    a day

    This is so disrespectful 😡

  • Parimal B.
    a day


  • Rupal A.
    a day

    If she has become Miss Kohima on this basis, then so dumb selectors too... Beti Padao and Beti Bacha initiative, 3 crore Gas Connections to women and Triple Talaq eradication is big achievement of Modi for women.. Do any govt. touches Triple Talaq like sensitive issue?.. He dared.... His Gov. had Sushma Swaraj as Foriengn Affairs Minister and Smriti Irani as Education and Rural Development minister and Defence Minister as Nirmala Seetharaman... I can't say Modi has done everything for women,but they are doing more than previous govt. which I already gave example of triple talaq....referring Cow on basis of Women empowerment is dumbest answer i ever heard.... Hope she know above all mentioned if not she never refers Cow and Woman example

  • Parshi P.
    a day

    Siva Nalluri XD

  • Akhil A.
    a day

    while PM focuses on cows...all the other men focuses on women... i guess everyone has their own tastes😉

  • Udall B.
    a day

    You have to go Islamic nations then you could realize that what is value of freedom without burkha and lives because they created Islamic terrorism across the world

  • Shyam S.
    a day

    Women & Cow Both are Important

  • Soleman M.
    2 days

    She is offering modi ji to into minto