Beauty Queen Has Interesting Response About Modi

This beauty queen from Nagaland left the audience in splits when she was asked what she would like to discuss with the Indian prime minister.

16/10/2019 12:44 PMupdated: 16/10/2019 12:46 PM
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  • Sam T.
    4 days

    Ugly hearted selfish crap

  • Huang K.
    6 days


  • Keshaw K.
    11/04/2021 20:13

    Women now a days need to focus on themselves first by themselves ...and what focus you want ....everything is open nowadays for everyone...ridiculous answers and questions are not going to help u in hours to come...better look urself first and focus...focus shall have to given to cows because the way u all eating them away will lead to scarcity of milks for those who loss there monthers just after birth..u r not going to feed them but a cow can ....u can feed at max 10 children in ur whole life but a cow can feed more then u...focus must be for all ...not only for women alone...go by Darwin's theory...u have to survive on ur own

  • Radhika A.
    11/04/2021 10:13


  • Sameer K.
    09/04/2021 22:58

    Being a polotical science student n questioning master of entire political science in universe? Pakistani kahi ki..right bhakts😆

  • Purvi M.
    09/04/2021 14:32

    That's a pathetic answer... a beauty candidate isn't allowed to give such impudent replies!! We as people of India should be blessed to have a Prime Minister like him .. be greatful ! it's a shame on the judges to have selected her 🤮👎👊

  • Sonu K.
    09/04/2021 10:00


  • Vikram S.
    09/04/2021 09:10

    Everyone is pissed off seeing Modi as PM🤣😂. There's wrong doings are fckdup thats why.

  • Shailja S.
    08/04/2021 13:25

    Yes...ofcourse...not only u but all cow eaters will say same thing... eat well and get some energy to be empowered first...

  • Jagjit S.
    08/04/2021 12:40

    That's right..

  • Khukphang J.
    07/04/2021 19:49

    Mainland indians mentality is just like PM Modi , You guys brought india worldwide popular for being most dangerous country for women and Most Racist country I have ever been.

  • Neha M.
    07/04/2021 16:09

    Nonsense girl

  • Vats T.
    07/04/2021 08:10

    Ohh that's why she stood 2nd. She deserved to win it.

  • Navneet K.
    06/04/2021 04:18


  • Nakul L.
    05/04/2021 15:30

    Brut is coward

  • Amitanand P.
    05/04/2021 05:57


  • Kshirabdhi T.
    04/04/2021 20:44

    Its just a stupid reply from a brainwashed person. Didnt PM encourage about beti bachao, beti padhao? Didn't he brought attention about the taboo topic related to women and encouraged how every women can have safe access to sanitation? Btw why is she comparing woman with a cow?

  • Veena S.
    04/04/2021 17:46

    She is too immature to understand that our PM is working more in every direction. He is a saviour of human and animals both. I respect PM Modi for his work.

  • Parul D.
    03/04/2021 17:02


  • DrNoor F.
    03/04/2021 16:44

    She is winner for me

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