Being Jaitley: The Modi Troubleshooter

This influential politician started out as a strident student leader who was jailed for protesting Emergency. Today he is one of one of the most powerful ministers in the Modi cabinet. Who is he?

02/03/2019 8:32 AM
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  • Shivam P.
    02/03/2019 08:36

    Q. Who is he? Ans : He is an absolute liar

  • Vivek T.
    02/03/2019 08:39

    Most powerful leader in modi government i thought it was amit shah😂

  • Sahil C.
    02/03/2019 08:39

    Who can not win his loksabh seat but still manages the ministerial position.!! What a slap on the face of democracy. Having IIM alumni and CA topper Piyush goyal in ranks, Mr modi still gives this useless man the position of ‘finance minister’.

  • Venkatesh P.
    02/03/2019 08:40

    U are wrong Rawat BRUTE is ur Rahul friendly & employee of Rahul .

  • Shri R.
    02/03/2019 08:40

    Thank you butt India..for glorifying corrupt incapable so called political leaders

  • Venkatesh P.
    02/03/2019 08:41

    Brut , Anything wrong in budget ? U want to bring impression that Jaitly has done some mistakes in Budget .

  • Ayodhya R.
    02/03/2019 08:41

    He is nothing but a failure politician but got berth in central cabinet. A lawyer by profession but in Finance ministry deciding country's future 🤦

  • Aditya P.
    02/03/2019 08:46

    Background Music ??

  • শান্তনু ক.
    02/03/2019 08:59

    Yeh Harami buddhe maar gaye kya ..

  • Sujay K.
    02/03/2019 09:10

    i thought he died

  • Sunny G.
    02/03/2019 09:14

    Arey BRUT tujhe POSITIVE nahi BUDGET ki NEGATIVE news batani hai 🤔🤔kya ho gaya hai tujhe 😂😂😂😂

  • Zaeem M.
    02/03/2019 09:22

    Background music was more inspiring than the story. No offence though.

  • Asisranjan S.
    02/03/2019 09:22

    he was jailed as an abvp activist in Delhi Stephens college, at that time it was a JantaDal wing.BJP was not born. As a grand opportunist he joined the communal party after the split of JD, though he was never a RSS hindutwa activist.

  • Suraj A.
    02/03/2019 09:32

    jumla rationalist 😉🤔😅😂

  • Shahul H.
    02/03/2019 09:42

    This so called leader failed in 2014 parliamentary election....

  • Kushal S.
    02/03/2019 09:54

    Sir ...We missed you in budget Wishing you good health soon !!

  • Altaf T.
    02/03/2019 09:57

    MODI'S 'CREAM' IS UNELECTABLE Arun Jaitley - unelected Amit Shah - unelected Nirmala Sitharaman - unelected Smriti Irani - unelected Suresh Prabhu - unelected Ravi Shankar Prasad - unelected Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi - unelected Prakash Javdekar - unelected Piyush Goel - unelected Thawar Chand Gehlot - unelected Rajeev Chandrasekhar - unelected MJ Akbar - unelected Narayan Rane - unelected Vijay Goel - unelected Have you noticed, out of 282 elected representatives, Modi cannot find even one to serve on his team. The only 'cream' they have, is unelectable!

  • Altaf T.
    02/03/2019 10:01

    He lawyer and finance minister giving us lecture on fighter jet. .. god knows whom he fooling

  • Heera T.
    02/03/2019 10:18


  • Dhandu S.
    02/03/2019 10:18

    Pindeki power full cabinet pindeki modi