• Elton L.
    07/01/2019 15:57

    Sab paisa ka kamal hai in charsi baba ko diya hogs paisa..aur BAHUT Sara ganja.

  • Sunny M.
    06/23/2019 19:07

    Second thing sharing opinion doesn't confirm that someone is high on weed and First thing Use burnol good for you bhai ek ar chutiya spotted

  • Amesh Y.
    06/19/2019 17:59

    Meine ise chunav mein dekha jaise hi pulvama attek huwa BJP ka chunav hatiyar taiyar huwa rastwad esse pahle nahi tha

  • Vicky Y.
    06/17/2019 02:16

    Admin chutiya hai

  • Padma K.
    06/16/2019 12:30

    Banaras babas have been proved that they r perfectly sane n not on any narcotics can u say the same about ragul🤔

  • Yash P.
    06/15/2019 05:41

    Baba's fucked brut India...Idiots

  • Gagandeep S.
    06/14/2019 17:49

    Now weed up to you brut ...

  • Indumouli N.
    06/14/2019 15:42

    Brut the Baba's have been accurate but have you been with your reporting?

  • Deepak S.
    06/14/2019 15:23

    Brut is in coma now..😂😂

  • Kamlesh M.
    06/14/2019 12:10

    Brut india change ur name to brut pakistan because as long as i have seen ur videos u r trying to defame india and bjp i think u to has taste pappu muntra

  • Anshu K.
    06/14/2019 12:00

    Fuck Brut India

  • Prakhar P.
    06/14/2019 07:35

    Read the caption! Anti Modi?!

  • Acharya S.
    06/13/2019 09:50

    For those who finished up stock of burnols..Dont worries we have more stock...LOL look at the above comments..

  • Acharya S.
    06/13/2019 09:48

    Now Nation and the world's knows who was high on cheap weeds...LOL

  • Prateek B.
    06/13/2019 09:43

    Abb bol naa mc admin , abb konsi weed pee kar gayab hai

  • Soumyadip D.
    06/12/2019 16:05

    After the results of this election I hope that you are taking weed to minimize the burn given by the results. If not then I have some anti burn gel with me. I will give it to you if you need so desperately. Fu***ing rakors.

  • Hrithik D.
    06/12/2019 15:31

    gali Faridabad baba se puchle

  • Umar A.
    06/11/2019 14:00

    Brut are you seriously running out of content ?😂

  • Sam O.
    06/11/2019 13:14

    Hammad Rashid

  • Shrikant B.
    06/11/2019 01:32

    And a tiktok account!

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