• Archana S.
    25/07/2021 16:57

    Yup, disgusting is the word for the politician.

  • Abdul R.
    22/07/2021 06:27

    Brashtachar at its best.

  • Rehman K.
    21/07/2021 11:18

    This is why we should kick bjp's ass hardly and send them to mars.

  • Sourav S.
    21/07/2021 09:48

    Does all illiterate people from india belonging from u.p?

  • Srikanth R.
    21/07/2021 09:21

    “Power” goes to head

  • William R.
    20/07/2021 23:42

    BJP suckers 👎👎

  • Kumarjit G.
    20/07/2021 18:18

    This is the mentality of our politician. India will never be a developed country in such situations

  • Sandeep K.
    20/07/2021 17:34

    Why only UP???

  • Raj S.
    20/07/2021 09:49

    Nepotistic dimwit completely forgetting that he is public servant

  • Jordan D.
    20/07/2021 06:15

    Disgusting man.. please save thia beautiful INDIA

  • John B.
    20/07/2021 04:08

    Remove this guy with all cost

  • Prasanna K.
    20/07/2021 03:59


  • Aloke S.
    20/07/2021 03:57

    Who the kcuf is he? This party is full of such B....... ,people should now treat these netas with Shit ,that's they are worthy of.

  • Amaresh P.
    20/07/2021 03:03

    Brut propagate always against bjp & Hindu

  • Gknancy D.
    20/07/2021 02:39


  • Kum J.
    19/07/2021 19:43

    Politicians talk as if they are doing their constituents a favour by giving them government grants, which by the way, is funded by the taxes paid by the very same people that vote in public plebiscites and not those who get voted into government. No government on this planet and in mankind’s history has fed its people but it is the people or constituents who feed governments, be it state, federal or national. These self entitlement suffering morons who run on tickets created by oligarchs and power blocs, should be shunned, and those independent candidates who merit a seat in government based on past performances in their chosen professional fields, should be given a chance to run for a term before voting them in again. Politicians should fight for the rights of their constituents, irrespective of how they voted, because that is the mandate of local and national politicians who win elections, i.e. to serve their people, without showing any overt prejudice, bias and favouritism.

  • Neelam J.
    19/07/2021 19:10

    Rss is indian talayban

  • Aditi C.
    19/07/2021 18:48

    Indian democracy at its peak

  • Akash S.
    19/07/2021 17:23

    Aise neta log ko jutte maro. Politicians are there to serve civilians not vice-versa. Cancel his membership and throw out from the party.

  • Shubham M.
    19/07/2021 16:39

    ye apni jeb se de re kya electricity..