BJP MLA Threatens Muslim Vendor

BJP MLA Brijbhushan Rajput threatened a vegetable vendor against selling supplies in his neighbourhood. This is the second incident to have been reported from Uttar Pradesh this week.

30/04/2020 1:57 PM
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  • Mariam A.
    28/03/2021 15:42

    Sick mentality

  • Syed S.
    09/03/2021 15:47

    Accha tu phir Bhai jaan bolta usko bolney se hu jata hay kiya meri aulad hay tu

  • Khayam P.
    02/09/2020 17:14

    Are chutiye

  • Ghulam S.
    27/08/2020 18:42

    Dirty bastard. Disgrace to the Hindu community.

  • Samina T.
    05/07/2020 09:55


  • Fahad K.
    22/06/2020 20:14

    Hindu muslim karte rahu or China jaga kabza karra hain

  • Aman K.
    21/06/2020 00:43

    Thankful to Allah for giving us beautiful Pakistan where we live a free life without any fear and many of our muslim brothers life are endangered in India thanks Almighty

  • Babar A.
    19/06/2020 07:05

    What happened to Indian people before they live happily and like one nation but today all other religions are treated badly . I live with many Indians in different countries and they are always love India either they Muslims or christens or Hindus but why this discrimination . I wish Indians will live with peace one day . Best wishes from Pakistan.

  • Ita
    18/06/2020 14:34

    Crazy men..not have heart.all religioun teaching about humanity but his not..stupid men go to hell

  • Sultan M.
    17/06/2020 11:14

    His a anti nationalist

  • Hasan C.
    17/06/2020 03:34

    Idiot. He should be booked for Communal Inciting.

  • Masroor S.
    16/06/2020 17:40

    Nonsense BJP RSS Stupid

  • Farhan F.
    15/06/2020 18:48

    Chutiya bustard media to bjp ka pa chatahe..

  • Wajed A.
    15/06/2020 17:32

    Fucking harami

  • Sahil S.
    15/06/2020 17:17

    AntiNational. He swore on the Contitution, not to differentiate between Indians. But his Party Leader also does the same thing. Shame.

  • Hashmi Q.
    15/06/2020 07:26

    Kutia ka bacha, stupid

  • ShahRiare K.
    15/06/2020 06:40


  • Rassell A.
    14/06/2020 20:27

    they need more education to renovate thair dickhead.fck bjp

  • Rithwan A.
    14/06/2020 09:01

    Only happen in India cow loving country.

  • Ajaz A.
    14/06/2020 07:57

    U r a dog stop lying Corona spread because of you

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