BJP's Chakka Jam: Another Protest That Hurt Daily Commuters

Buses were running at 50% capacity, but their tyres were deflated. Traffic jams, crowds, protests... here's why ordinary commuters were left stranded on Delhi's streets yesterday. 🤯

04/01/2022 4:27 PMupdated: 04/01/2022 11:40 PM
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  • Prabhat S.
    11/01/2022 13:42

    Fucking when others protesters protest you support them when bjp does you turn critical . Why this double standards why this hypocrisy every protest disturbed traffic

  • Uday D.
    11/01/2022 06:22

    Crap/Brut India. Where is the Brut mother company? Who is financing it?

  • Haq N.
    08/01/2022 08:05

    And what are these bjp assholes doing in jammu....converting city of temples to city of wine shops

  • Nils J.
    06/01/2022 21:26


  • Jennet S.
    06/01/2022 17:18

    Kejriwal is playing Dirty games in politics

  • Ghufran A.
    06/01/2022 03:42

    Ye andolan jevi pata nhe kahan se bar bar uth ker a jaty he

  • Raghu S.
    05/01/2022 17:54

    This is a new rivals of BJP Vs. others !

  • Rajendra M.
    05/01/2022 17:32

    I think admin is from AAP party . Sometimes He becomes Congress party member.

  • Hari M.
    05/01/2022 16:57

    This bad. All people Behind this should be put behind bars. And also brut India should also get enraged when “NON BIP” workers do such things all over the country. For two reasons: there is a India outside Delhi. Two Leftist hypocrisy sucks. This selective anger is disgusting.

  • Brut India
    05/01/2022 07:35

    The new policy aims at revolutionising consumer experience by replacing existing liquor vends in the nooks and corners of the city with posh and stylish liquor stores spread over at least 500 square feet area with a walk-in facility.

  • Why V.
    05/01/2022 06:19

    BJP 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mercy J.
    05/01/2022 05:18

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  • Ishta D.
    05/01/2022 03:20

    Free mein sab chahiye na... To sharab hi sabka 'free' afford karegi ab !

  • Pankaj K.
    05/01/2022 01:54

    Look like saheen bagh

  • Pankaj K.
    05/01/2022 01:51

    Same as jo protest nrc caa ka raod band kiya tha ye bhi vaisa hai dono shi h

  • Apa P.
    05/01/2022 01:50

    Ghanta... Desh bik raha hai, gair kanooni bill ban tahe hai, ye sarey baat par to nahi bakoge... Par opposition ke ek kadam me narey, bandh...... Chaaploos neta

  • Sunita N.
    04/01/2022 20:01

    Pls see blr ull forget Delhi just on one area over 100 stores

  • ShashankShekhar M.
    04/01/2022 17:38

    Abe gadho… bus AAP party ki nahi, desh ki hai. Kejriwal ne Adityanath ki tarah in dehshat gard logo se wasoolna chahiye

  • Pattamadai S.
    04/01/2022 17:33

    FraudKujliwal the world's Top Class Crook

  • Wung C.
    04/01/2022 17:18

    Indian politics is degrading as the world is upgrading

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