BJP's Tejasvi Surya Calls DMK 'Anti-Hindu'

BJP MP Tejasvi Surya said at a programme that if Tamil has to survive, Hindutva should win. The right-wing party is in alliance with the ruling AIADMK in Tamil Nadu, which will vote in assembly elections soon.

22/02/2021 1:27 PMupdated: 22/02/2021 1:27 PM
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  • Antonia P.
    12/05/2021 12:30

    What a nasty, poisonous and crooked hatred spreader! Shame on you!

  • Shaik S.
    06/05/2021 11:06

    He isa lunfuuu😂😂😂😂

  • Normal M.
    05/05/2021 04:43

    in simple words- P R O P A G A N D A.

  • Shaik Z.
    18/03/2021 20:46

    ❤️but the South Indians are secular hindu❤️

  • Arun S.
    14/03/2021 12:42

    You don’t need teach us who is Tamil. We know who we are.

  • Yerra D.
    13/03/2021 16:55

    Tricks of primary school won't work out in Tamilnadu.

  • Chris L.
    13/03/2021 03:17

    Hopeless Fellow

  • Mohammad F.
    10/03/2021 23:05

    BJPs speech will always start with religion and end with religion😂

  • Ashwin P.
    10/03/2021 17:19

    தேஜஸ் சூர்யா பல அப்பனுக்கு பொறந்தவன்

  • Deshapremi N.
    08/03/2021 10:09

    Bjp will not win in tamilnadu

  • Saleem S.
    07/03/2021 14:52

    In my country, it is one & only state that they talk only Tamil language... Respect & love towards their language is great..

  • Saleem S.
    07/03/2021 14:48

    Tamil people are very intelligent & well educated, they don't allow any 3rd man or 3rd party in their state.

  • Umar N.
    07/03/2021 11:49

    Our ancestors have never talked about religion they gave us the many literatures that shares everyone how we build our behavior in different aspects. Try to speak about humanity. As a center ruling party make a good plan and reduce the poverty rate of people only trying to rule whole country. Please try to united the people and united all the different parties be open minded and take the ideas of other parties into discussions and bring a solution for the country welfare and people. This is why people elect the politicians to work for the us and country development but most of the politicians are selfish and filling their pockets. No religious script said to be against other religions.

  • NiKhil G.
    06/03/2021 10:00

    Karnataka pappu 😂

  • Arnab B.
    04/03/2021 18:24

    Like this guy... But not a very convincing speech...

  • Kevin R.
    04/03/2021 09:51

    Dai thambi your religion drama will not work in Tamil Nadu . People of Tamil Nadu are literates not illiterate like you so just keep your mouth shut.

  • Loganathan E.
    04/03/2021 06:50

    You bastard

  • Sharanagouda P.
    04/03/2021 04:53

    What is said is exactlly correct ..nothing wroung in it

  • Shahid M.
    03/03/2021 18:11

    Abdul Kalam, A r Rahman is not a proud Indian according to him

  • Shahid M.
    03/03/2021 18:08

    Hindu, muslim, hindi, Christian blah blah blah.. That is all they can talk.. They can't talk about development as Tamil Nadu have an envious record of development socially and economically

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