BJP Scorns Tharoor For Lahore Lit Fest Talk

“Tharoor tried to show India in poor light.” After the Congress leader shared a video of his talk at the Lahore ThinkFest, BJP’s Sambit Patra accused him of “demeaning India”. What do you think?

19/10/2020 2:57 PM
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  • Leslie F.
    04/05/2021 11:13


  • Noor A.
    25/12/2020 17:30

    Tharoor speaks the 'bitter truth'

  • Viknesh J.
    03/11/2020 16:13

    He is sensationalist wannabe in headlines and marketing himself to be next PM. Aint got balls like modi

  • Chayan S.
    02/11/2020 23:56

    I'm not going to comment anything about politics but to be honest the way Shashi Tharoor speak english , basically his vocabulary which is quite difficult for Sambit Patra to understand , I bet Sambit couldn't even pronounce some his words properly . Dictionary might help him find those meanings but dictionary couldn't help him pronounce it. I ain't going to judge anyone by his ability to speak english but my point here is if he couldn't able to understand what actually Shashi Tharoor trying to say so how could he even criticize against him 😂

  • Soumyendu D.
    31/10/2020 21:00

    Bharat boleni, bolecche bharat er present sorkar.. bharat r bjp r modheye bishal farak aache..

  • Dhakshayani D.
    31/10/2020 20:06

    Bcoz he was in relationship with the pakistani journalist

  • Praloy D.
    29/10/2020 11:02

    Why BJP not pursuing Sunanda Pushkar death under mysterious circumstances?

  • Raghavan R.
    28/10/2020 06:06

    When they are in opposition Sashi Tharoor can say many things much to the dislike of people but if they get power to govern the country they would change . So let us wish they win elections to change many of the present stances and mend fr the better.

  • Narendra A.
    26/10/2020 13:40

    Tharoor will get magasasay award if not nobel prize for his demeaning and false remarks against India.

  • Gp S.
    26/10/2020 07:38

    Sahe to Bola hai Patra... Terko ni Samaj Ayega.... Q ki tere dheemag me gobar hai...

  • Muhammad T.
    26/10/2020 05:35

    Sambit Patra Tu pakka Jahil che

  • Anthony S.
    25/10/2020 14:36

    Sambit is mouth. Don't take him seriously

  • Asmita W.
    25/10/2020 11:31

    This fascist government is not India you windbag patra

  • Swapan C.
    24/10/2020 12:15

    Still there is a chance to defeat covid affacted countries. India is trying to catch Usa.

  • Hirak D.
    24/10/2020 07:04

    Gobar patra is a super idiot Odia bhai. Nonsense catagory. Brut don't cover bjp idiots.

  • John C.
    23/10/2020 20:14

    As you sow you shall reap.

  • Mazahir S.
    23/10/2020 18:12

    Yeh saab HARAMKHOR BJP ke khilaaf sahi bola hai Sambit GOBAR patra

  • Rashid H.
    23/10/2020 10:51

    Fool with useless knowledge ..hahah😀😃 Comparing with Sashi Tharoor

  • Salman B.
    23/10/2020 10:43

    I can clearly states that minorities are safe in india & they're most welcome in Pakistan..

  • Mahesh C.
    23/10/2020 10:14

    Drama king sambit patra. No body will listen him. N Tharoor is correct n not only Indians all the world saw what happened in Delhi Riots. Then what sambit trying to prove???? Stop manipulating peoples sambit. We r not blind n stupids. Enough is Enough.

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