Boards Are Just The Beginning

School’s Out: He got a perfect score in his Class 10 and Class 12. But the real test for Aritra Roy Chaudhary began after his boards.

03/15/2020 6:57 AM
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  • Jaskirat S.
    04/01/2020 09:32

    Boards are trash

  • Suyash K.
    03/30/2020 14:35

    This guy has depression

  • Sheikh F.
    03/30/2020 14:19

    Junoon Humai

  • Shubhranshu B.
    03/29/2020 13:22

    Creating pressure for marks reduce creativity. Nowadays students are becoming book worm. One should focus on learning. Mark's do not define anybody as a genius. Being genius is something different.

  • Chandrika D.
    03/28/2020 19:28

    After all these staffs, one day when you will have have some mistakes in your medical profession, you will feel the pain. Pain lies here. After struggling a lot, I never thought of getting beaten by common people. Yes, this is our country. I'm not discouraging , but it is like that . Life is beautiful, enjoy it, It's not physics, chems what we do for neet...its far more complicated and can be even more beautiful always!

  • Yash T.
    03/28/2020 12:23

    My man looks like he has no life...💀

  • Debjyoti G.
    03/28/2020 06:39

    CBSE English 👀

  • Aryan R.
    03/25/2020 17:55

    watch this

  • Abhijeet D.
    03/25/2020 03:29

    Guys meet

  • Varenyam P.
    03/23/2020 15:46

    *chaudhry* congratulations🎉🎊

  • Mő Ň.
    03/22/2020 15:08

    Isn't this that corona guy?

  • Levi A.
    03/22/2020 10:02

    I didn't knew bro that u r famous

  • Md W.
    03/22/2020 09:20

    Me after scoring just passing marks in 12th exams: 🎊🎊🎉🎉 Everyone talks about toppers but no one talks about the rest of class. Guess what ? Nobody gives a shit about your 10th or 12th board exams.

  • Keshav S.
    03/21/2020 03:55

    Chutiya😂😂 kuch nahi hota isse

  • Soumyajit C.
    03/21/2020 03:25 State Board Students With There Exam Center 🌚

  • अंकन स.
    03/21/2020 03:09

    Iska bhi bahut Zor katega! Shakal pe likha hai

  • Abhishek R.
    03/20/2020 23:35

    he's so cute.

  • Anik R.
    03/20/2020 14:51

    Great mind set

  • Sizan A.
    03/20/2020 13:51

    Coronavirus mttt failoo idr.

  • Rajeev S.
    03/19/2020 16:36

    What ridiculous is this. I wasted my 5 minutes.

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