• Satinder B.
    14/05/2021 03:26

    Shut the f*ck up loser thug. This PM is a piece of shit. How the hell people in India have chosen him as a leader? Shame on this bastard. Shame on his parents who brought him like this ass. So thankful he doesn’t have a legal child. He probably has bastards everywhere. Who knows. I have no respect for this bastard PM after he caused thousands of lives in India due to covid. . Shame shame..

  • Shahadat S.
    08/05/2021 16:00

    Mr Dolan trump

  • Robin R.
    08/05/2021 01:57


  • অনিক দ.
    24/04/2021 21:48


  • Ronald M.
    22/04/2021 15:52

    This is what is left of Indian politics now... its become a big shameless joke.

  • Swahasri D.
    20/04/2021 19:11

    amader "pode" chhaap 🤣🤪

  • Esther J.
    20/04/2021 14:58


  • Jaswinder K.
    20/04/2021 14:46

    Potato patato😂

  • Soumava P.
    19/04/2021 21:07

    It's basically someone promoted spanking on a political level .🤷

  • Sibasish M.
    19/04/2021 11:05


  • Aditya S.
    19/04/2021 08:30

    Too sirf bhokne ke liya aya hai

  • Anurag M.
    19/04/2021 07:52

    Visveswarayah is a tongue-twister. Someone had called the father of nation "Mohanlal" Karamchand Gandhi. And what about his being a "pessimistic" person! He is the original gaffe-master, apart from being a bluff-master par excellence 😂😂

  • Ek S.
    19/04/2021 07:35

    Uneducated log yaha pm ban jate he aur aur educated log line me khade hai he isme galti usi insan ki he jo 100rs ki pattiyo aur vadapav me yaha vote deta he aur ghar pe koi bimar hone par lakho kharch karta he oxygan cylendar ke liye hame bhi adhikar nahi politicians ke bare me bolne ka q hamne bhi to use chuna he ho sabko chuna lagata he ham to 100rs me bik gaye the

  • Srijana S.
    19/04/2021 06:41

    Voted For Mr.Subha Pradhan,BJP candidate from kalimpong West Bengal on the 17th👍

  • Kamal M.
    19/04/2021 04:25

    It is really embarassing the way way PM speeches in state assembly election rallies. He is the prime minister of India and not for the bjp party. This is the responsibility of the BJP ptesident and to be concluded by him and his team. PM Modiji had crossed all the lines of his self respect to advertise bjp and nothing to do with national interest. 🤔 really an alarming situation........

  • Vijay B.
    18/04/2021 22:47

    He fumble in hindi snd gujrati and when journalists ask question not godi media ofcourse.

  • Neeraj K.
    18/04/2021 21:01

    Feku iska koi bharosa nahi kyon k khud hi nahi pata kya bol deta hai sirf acting actor hai ye aadmi pm ke layak nahi hai kab aankhe khulegi andho ki Vote dekh ke do kam se kam padha likha ho and acting na karta ho

  • Hemanta S.
    18/04/2021 20:01


  • Imdad A.
    18/04/2021 19:21

    The worst PM of the country ever... He can't talk about poriborton bcoz already that has been done by the CM of bengal.. Such a pathetic PM

  • Bablu R.
    18/04/2021 18:35

    In this video our beloved Dalal looking like a Muslim that not wearing TOPI keep it up dalal