CAA And Free India’s Tryst With Muslim Refugees

“Is the Citizenship Amendment Act anti-Muslim and pro-Hindu?” Lawyer and writer Abhinav Chandrachud presented a historical perspective to India’s new citizenship law. Thanks to Mumbai Collective: Celebrating Freedom and Pluralism for the footage.

02/26/2020 12:27 PM
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  • Rushikkesh S.
    19 hours

    Wish the Two countries could Split properly that time..Hindu have stayed in Bharat and Muslims in Pakistan.. Today it will be total Different scenario. Staying Together is always an issue...

  • Dnyanesh D.
    21 hours

    I don't agree with him. He don't speak anything about Pakistan government behaviour with minorities. You cannot be double standard. This bill don't include Muslim community because Pakistan was designed with the concept of Muslim country only. It's Islamic State of Pakistan should take care of all Muslim communities. In that how CAA is anti constitutional ?

  • Bharat H.
    a day

    You should be the law minister of pakistan or some muslim country and then dare to speak like this....You will be possibly hang on central road of the country... I believe you are a paid man by pakistani imran.

  • Umran B.
    a day

    Hope ruler of the nation world ever try knowing all these facts, apart from virtual dramas...

  • Ritesh D.
    2 days

    Referring his stupid logic of, "is it a kid's fault to have born in India that he shudnt bear the brunt of being deported"... well than ans my 1 question, is it a legal citizen's kids fault that he was born to a legal citizen parents and who lost to more deserved sit at a school or in general more better amenity through government schemes which he would have received possibly had such resources were not required to divert to such kids belonging to illegal immigrants parents? Doesn't a citizen's kid deserves priority over illegal immigrants' kids??? N by such a foolish statement does it mean that if u want to get citizenship or recognition same as citizen u can just cross borders illegally n reproduce ur kids??? How lame n silly argument to be stated n moreover dumb audience to even reciprocate to such stupid thoughts.... whole sanctity of the citizenship law is left meaninglessness by such foolish perspective cos reproducing an offspring CANNOT BE THE BASIS OF GRANTING CITIZENSHIP! Hence in a nutshell, bear ur illegal parent's wrong deeds n yes be rightfully deported as otherwise this way having borders n immigration n citizenship laws will just be a matter of meagre formality! Period!

  • Ritesh D.
    2 days

    biggest flaw in this whole speech is he is constantly emphasizing on the word 'Secular' .... well, tell des bookish knowledge guy that in 1952 Dr. AMBEDKAR himself had categorically mentioned in his speech that if a word Secular is added to the constitution than whole constitution will lose its value which is very evident in current scenario what India is facing!

  • Mech K.
    2 days

    most of the sites and so called intellectuals only spreading propaganda for Money..

  • Vipin T.
    2 days

    BRUT always spreading anti India anti hindu propaganda and show some assholes Hindus to make their claims safe, he is one of those assholes

  • ৰোহণ ড.
    2 days

    CAA is all an exercise to change the demographics of Assam and also to expand theocracy all over the country bringing themselves closer to the theocratic dream. IMDT act was implemented all over India but crucially had provisions that affected Assam in particular and similar to it is the CAA. The arbitrary date exists because the Assam Accord determined residence by a date. They are trying to pretend like this is an extension of Assam Accord. They want to tell the Assamese voters, "look after we came to power at the centre in 2014, the immigration has stopped so now all you got to worry about is the people who came before that and also embrace the Hindu immigrants as brothers but not the Muslim immigrants." This is all vote bank politics. BJP came to power in Assam in 2016 and the bill was also introduced in 2016. They were finally able to win a state in Northeast, so now they want to make sure that they always win in the Northeast. Even if they lose the whole of India, they want to keep Assam. Northeast and Kashmir are always political laboratories for the central governments since independence, and the low media presence and relatively low population results in the people from the other more populated states of India to never really make sense of what's going in Assam. Even now people in big cities are clueless. Assam, Tripura and other Northeastern states are going to be the worst affected with BJP becoming more autocratic in these areas. BJP is pushing the Northeast to chaos.

  • Anupam D.
    2 days

    There should not be any closing cut off date.Also we should not encourage Hindus and other minorities to flee the Wahabi and Salafis of Pakistan and Bangladesh but to confront them there.We need to morally and materially support their just cause.

  • Lutfar R.
    2 days

    More than 26 lak Indian illegal immigrants live Bangladesh

  • Syamsundar M.
    2 days

    We want CAA and NRC

  • Limon A.
    2 days

    This is absurd! I wouldn't comment anything about Pakistan but what he mentioned about Bangladesh is far from reality. You might appease Indian citizen with this grandiloquent speech but you have to understand Hindus are more safe to Bangladesh compare to India. If a by born Hindu Indian citizen (lower cast) can't visit temple or drink water from the same place than which secular country you're talking about? Did you forget mob lynching to Muslims by Hindu extremist? Bangladesh offers better religious harmony in entire South Asia. When a foreign country speaks about our internal matters it hurts. Better look at your country, why would a Bangladeshi migrated to India while Bangladesh has higher GDP compared to Assam or West Bengal? CAA and NRC is merely a shameful political move which would fuel communal violence even more. This is a clear discrimination and eye wash.

  • Pranav K.
    2 days

    I dont think that the speaker understood the CAA completely or may be just trying to confuse the audience by saying useless things like example of Parsi in iran and afganistan. I suppport CAA BTW

  • Hashim M.
    2 days

    Indian leader like nehru Patel are also right wingers shithole who left out India Muslims that why our life are vulnerable if their was no pakistan was existed then we have been ruled India by 1947

  • Satpal B.
    3 days

    I am surprised , where was this Gentleman when CAA was being drafted. He must be in the advisory committees of Parliament. Because still many amendments and bills are to be drafted. And for flawless work, he must be there.

  • Belal A.
    3 days

    bro don't make the mistake of thinking that I am tagging you to mock you. I assure I am only sharing to give you better perspective :)

  • Ashu G.
    3 days

    He lost me at 'leaders whose secular roots are totally unquestionabe. Leaders like Nehru'. Why man? Why is it unquestionabe? Just because you favor him, his secular origin becomes unquestionable? This is how you do subliminal messaging of enforcement of your idea during a speech.

  • Arun K.
    3 days

    These arguments for the sake of arguements of an egalitarian society, which is non-existent in a world of hatredness. We hv to establish a nation, not a Dharmashala or Mutt, monasteries in India. We r suffering now due to this high ideals of Gandhi-Nehru duo, unfortunately accepted by no one even in then-world. Pakistan and China had taught pragmatic reality. So come upto expectation of a nation. Even today inspite of great ideals no mighty nations respect India. Had there been no pact with USSR, India would hv been no where in world map. Be real, not hypothetical unrealistic.

  • Muzaffar W.
    3 days