Cab-Happy Millennials To Blame For Fall In Car Sales?

What ails India’s auto sector? This reply by the finance minister sparked some high-speed trolling by India’s millennials. 🤔

09/12/2019 5:52 AMupdated: 09/12/2019 5:05 PM
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  • Swapnil G.
    4 days

    Even Alia got bigger IQ than our finance minister.

  • Mohammed R.
    4 days

    High weed of gau mutra

  • Monarsingh H.
    4 days

    whats wrong with her ? maaam salary slip bheju ??

  • Sukadev M.
    4 days

    Indian rupees falling because of Gravity said by smt Nirmala Sitaraman

  • Meenu C.
    4 days

    Rakhi sawant ki taraha bjp leaders kuch bhi kehtay hay

  • Anjaneyulu G.
    4 days

    Always there is a fall after rise, law of economics

  • Muhammad G.
    4 days

    You are not eligible for FM

  • Taniksh V.
    4 days

    F U C K O F F

  • Suhaib R.
    4 days

    You're too slow Until you make the video Another minister says bullshit on camera He is trending now

  • Ehsanul K.
    4 days

    Damn it millenials... Hah ha ha

  • Saurabh J.
    4 days

    Good Automotive is DoWn ..Time for Elctric Vehicle 🚗 To Boom 💥 Boom 😇

  • Navinder S.
    4 days

    She is telling a valid reason ...

  • Sanjay G.
    4 days

    Create more jobs ...problem will be solved automatically but here rather than new jobs creation ...old jobs are in danger or vanishing.

  • Sheeja P.
    4 days

    Who brought in Ola and uber the government only...

  • Vinod P.
    4 days

    Ask the solution to the problem from Einstein

  • Kalyan K.
    4 days

    You are all such losers. She quoted a study, she didnt make this shit up. And she said it is just one of the many factors along with R&D for BS6. Get a life. Trolling is not going to defeat her. If you think you are intelligent and have the will to be part of solution, please go and become an FM. Else stfu. I dont see any one loser here providing solutions. Bring back Chiddu.

  • Sivasubramaniyan R.
    4 days

    Effects of demonetisation and gst implementation in short span of tym.

  • Manoj K.
    4 days

    Is this also a fake degree like his mentor?

  • Katrina N.
    4 days

    Well isn't it good that they care about the planet. Not the reason of course. But good nevertheless

  • Sandipan D.
    4 days

    Tough time for Indian Automobile Sector.