Choice Of Anil Ambani's Reliance As Rafale Partner Shocks France

This French investigative reporter broke the story about the Modi government allegedly pushing Anil Ambani's Reliance as a partner on the Rafale fighter jet deal. He told Brut India about the controversial details that were revealed in internal company documents, the unanswered questions and why this 'deal of the century' is shocking France.

10/18/2018 10:46 AM
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  • Bhavesh S.
    10/18/2018 10:53

    The best way to identify liars is by their eyes...Look at Modi s eyes ..full of lies and deceit

  • Srabana G.
    10/18/2018 10:53

    dada dekho eta

  • Sharun K.
    10/18/2018 11:08

    So many. Fighter jet selling shopes hurt from. India. French. Deal. Like. Euro fighter. Typhoon. Saab. America Russia. Etc. So. They jelious. That. Huge. Money. Go to Desault. Aviation. France. Now. They talk false about this deal. And Indian politician r. Congress they. Blaming. Closed eyes. Fuck. U. Brut. U. Also got. Money from. Other dealers

  • Jack J.
    10/18/2018 11:10

    "Mitron.. Yeh admi jhoot bhol raha hai..mai tho fakir admi hoon jhola lekhe chal padunga"! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 No one believes you chowkidharji.. no not even your bhakths.. they try and defend you just coz of the money IT cell pays them!

  • Jeevan K.
    10/18/2018 11:20

    He is not Indian... He is not our bhakth... He is working for ISIS... He sent by UPA Govt.. He is not real... He is lying... He knew nothing... He is pappu... He is cheater... Beat him to death... Anything else I forgot mitron..

  • Vijay K.
    10/18/2018 13:33

    He seems to be an Italian. Crying for losing contract.

  • Vijay K.
    10/18/2018 13:39

    The looser Italian companies are crying.. ha ha ha. They do not want to see an Indian company to acquire defence manufacturing capability.

  • Neel B.
    10/18/2018 23:04

    Congress paid brut, that’s brutal!

  • Siddharth R.
    10/19/2018 02:32

    Koi fayda nhi

  • Satish N.
    10/19/2018 04:27

    Somebody had to take the indicative and that push was given to Reliance by the government what is wrong in that as long as no commission was paid if we do not build new factories then how can we generate new jobs we all know how government companies work for example when computers were introduced to banks what a row it created now people cannot do without computers so also with mobiles why not people going with the government telephone companies for their daily service the so called corrupt politicians are also using these mobiles why don't they switch back to the government telephone companies why aren't they now bothered about the millions of poor people who work in these companies looseing their jobs and livelihoods what hypocrites these corrupt politicians just want to create controversy where their is none for their desperate survival it is written all over their fases desperation

  • Hemanth M.
    10/19/2018 05:08

    French govt has abetted a major theft of indian tax payers money. They must relent and tell the truth to the people of india.

  • Anis B.
    10/19/2018 10:37


  • Vinodkumar N.
    10/19/2018 13:30

    He has told his version from documents that he claimed to have seen. Why doesn't he produce the documents out in open

  • Debashish S.
    10/19/2018 13:48

    Aab toh share karte karte thaak gya. Chalne do jaise chal rha h

  • Wasim K.
    10/19/2018 13:59

    chalo isi bahane reliance company ko ubar denge isse desh ka bhala ho na ho 2019 me bjp ko chanda jarur mil jayega

  • Shreyajit S.
    10/19/2018 15:43

    Everyone trusting the subtitles like me right?

  • Anindya S.
    10/19/2018 16:08

    He is saying production will start in DRAL from end of 18 but it's production already started...why no one is going to SC with those proofs what they have...

  • Sujit K.
    10/19/2018 16:22

    Fake news. Paid

  • Monison P.
    10/20/2018 06:28

    Nagpur is the new economic hub of India. Haha 😂

  • Anurag S.
    10/20/2018 07:34

    This brut India channel is already anti-Indian channel it always shows anti against Indian there resources and most of all things