• Muritala B.
    02/03/2018 01:49

    Everybody has a dark if probed long enough

  • Cristoforo B.
    01/31/2018 14:52

    Gary Oldman for Best Actor.

  • Kannan S.
    01/31/2018 03:39

    Hitler is far great when conpared to churchil

  • Sourav S.
    01/31/2018 01:52

    , bhrot er page hoyeo kmn glorify kor6e dekh. 1 taa line 6ara.

  • Tanay K.
    01/31/2018 01:39

    Krishna Adke

  • Naresh S.
    01/31/2018 01:19

    Bloody swine.....

  • Amar J.
    01/31/2018 01:11

    He was a shithole who murdered six millions in Bengal.

  • Nobonita K.
    01/31/2018 01:10

    another fucktard.

  • Nitesh A.
    01/31/2018 00:52


  • नीरज य.
    01/31/2018 00:35

    Dheerendra Yadav

  • Malay N.
    01/31/2018 00:22

    Totally rubbish....Although Churchill is no hero in India... but its because of him only...that today the world is free from danger of a Nazi regime... When every country was giving up in front of Hitler...it was Churchill only who made the world continue fighting against the Nazis..and talking abt famine..then famine and drought appears every year...nothing new in that. Even Stalin introduced the 5 year plan...in which the Soviet people suffered massive hunger and famine...but no one considers that!!...IRONY!!🙄😏

  • Harjot P.
    01/31/2018 00:00

    He also supported throwing atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. US and UK were major allies in that time too. Furthermore when asked about the ethical perspective, he simply replied everything is fair in war.

  • Prateek S.
    01/30/2018 22:41

    Dear , Churchill is a hero. Regards, A person from India

  • Archit K.
    01/30/2018 22:36

    He is single handledly responsible for the death of millions of people.

  • Jayant S.
    01/30/2018 22:34

    He called mahatma gandhi a naked fakir. Noble prize jury were nuts back then

  • Jyotirmoy G.
    01/30/2018 21:30

    Just look at this page! Are you trying to compare the good he has done to the evil atrocities on 3 million Bengalis? Do you even understand he deliberately killed them? No good side of him will ever make him a man. He is just like every other Brit of that era. Coward. Smoking a cigar, wearing a hat and a coat to make yourself look civilised, painting; won’t make you good, you coward, you are a moron who killed innocent people without giving them food. All that fat in your body will only help you burn in hell. A bloody moronic coward hailed as a hero. Ah! the Englishmen.

  • Keval R.
    01/30/2018 21:12


  • Kaustubh V.
    01/30/2018 20:31

    A 3 minutes video for this asshole... He was the main master mind behind the idea of partition...😒

  • Subhav T.
    01/30/2018 20:18

    Burn in hell u maniac ....

  • Karan K.
    01/30/2018 20:10

    Actually he is a bastard