CISF Major Makes Stirring Speech On Human Rights

Soon after a CRPF constable advocated violence against “anti-nationals”, this Assistant Commandant with the CISF stood up to stress on the importance of human rights in India.

10/12/2019 2:57 PM
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  • Ehsan S.
    2 days

    He looks like a strong man God bless brave people like him

  • Shoaib C.
    5 days

    Thanks Sir, you have made an extraordinary speech in such a high time by pointing out so called national security and integrity.

  • Sabin T.
    03/26/2020 05:21

    Everyone says China has no human right yet still India killed dozen of people in early days of CAA protest

  • Mohammed T.
    03/25/2020 15:20

    Chicken tikka

  • Dhanraj S.
    03/24/2020 17:01

    Difference between literate and educated.

  • Monti S.
    03/23/2020 15:22

    Paid propaganda...fasle narrative...written in the confinement of home not from field experience...lines are spoken by heard, no pause no gap...inexperience script reading

  • Andrew W.
    03/22/2020 08:36

    I think I misunderstood this video but is he basically saying that terrorists and murderers and gangsters are being miss treated by law enforcement?

  • Siddhant S.
    03/21/2020 19:03

    He reminds me of that newly recruited officer in wanted movie who was put to test by mahesh Manjrekar to shoot the beer bottles and he misses. His theories are quite idealistic and aspirational but not plausible

  • Asif K.
    03/19/2020 22:52

    Would love to see nuclear war.just can't wait to see large amount of dead .evil needs to be wiped out.

  • Jacob M.
    03/19/2020 09:40

    He is welcome to work in the Kashmir valley. I hope, he can kiss those terror masters to subjugation, by professing the same theory of human rights.

  • Saieda K.
    03/18/2020 19:44

    My brother, I salute you ..... Hope leaders like you will take the steering wheel of our nation ! And lead our Nation to peace and security ! In Sha Allah ! Majority of people in India are good hearted like you ! But unfortunately few terrorists are holding our Nation in capture ! We have to free our Nation ....

  • Jcnm S.
    03/18/2020 11:45


  • Neera U.
    03/17/2020 04:52


  • Waseem R.
    03/16/2020 07:23

    This is what we have been saying for many many years, Indian armed forces have been doing severe human rights violation in Kashmir. This was also supported by the UN HRC report on Kashmir. Now good people from India army are speaking truth. Hopefully these leaders filled with hatred will learn something from this.

  • Gaurav S.
    03/16/2020 04:26

    He is hero❤ Humans rights are for Humans only, not for those who are evil

  • Talulla A.
    03/15/2020 11:16

    Solution for India is COVID19

  • Ayaz A.
    03/15/2020 10:23

    ट्रेंनिग में किसी विषय के पक्ष और विपक्ष में बोलने से सम्बंधित डिबेट का क्लिप है,इसे ऐसा नहीं समझना चाहिए कि ये जो बोल रहे हैं उसपर अमल करेंगे ही।

  • Bhargav R.
    03/14/2020 09:57

    Devesh Tripathi won 1st prize. have a look at his speech :

  • BM R.
    03/13/2020 17:31


  • Kysïr P.
    03/13/2020 15:43

    CISF Ill man u have forget Kashmiries whom you murder brutally and deceive ..