Citizenship Amendment Act: The Stakeholders Speak Out

A Muslim student, a Hindu refugee from Pakistan and an Assamese professional share their personal view on the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act.

12/21/2019 4:58 AM
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  • Bijon S.
    01/07/2020 13:58

    I support CAA

  • Sunil K.
    01/06/2020 08:37

    To pakistan aur bangladesh kyo banaya tha. Tod do sari border. Kar do firse ek desh..

  • Drgopimohan G.
    01/03/2020 06:01

    include other community, include the land also before partition!

  • Dhandapani S.
    12/28/2019 18:05

    The jnu student is a confused one. The CAA is no way applicable to Indian citizens. It is only applicable to illegal migrants/ refugees.,who are already residing without any proper documentation. It is only for these illegal migrants,to give them proper identification and proof, so that they lead a honourable life. The muslims and the jnu student are peeved that Rohingyas are not included.this is the main ulterior motive for the vandalism, destructive protests.

  • Krishnaswamy N.
    12/27/2019 04:52

    Brut stop your propaganda

  • Dikshit A.
    12/27/2019 03:17

    Not just this government ...the whole world is. . more evidence. .learn to live by rules ....or your teachings will not carry you for long

  • Rakesh B.
    12/26/2019 15:50

    I support CAA and NRC... Let the lady go and learn first.. It doesn't matter what she thinks its related... Its what the government says, its 2 different things... Fear mongering continues... Yes it excludes Muslims, who are not persuted in these 3 neighbourhood Muslim majority countries..CAA. So go to hell with ur thoughts madam, nobody can stop the government to kick out the illegal Bangladeshis and Rohingyas....we support the government here...

  • Mahantesh E.
    12/26/2019 15:17

    ಎ ರಂಡಿ ಮಗಳ ನಿ ಪಾಕಿಸ್ತಾನಕ್ಕ ಹೊಗು

  • Vishal J.
    12/26/2019 13:23

    I support Cab & Nrc ...

  • Lingaraj S.
    12/26/2019 06:15

    Brutes ne ek sensible video banayi aaj tak. Salute for this one. Baaki I support CAA and NRC.

  • Indrodeep G.
    12/25/2019 06:30

    We don't want parasites to live in Indian. Bloody brainwasher jihadhi

  • Praveen R.
    12/24/2019 23:18

  • Modina K.
    12/24/2019 10:04

    Natives do not necessarily qualify for Indian citizenship. Many uneducated natives in Assam are in deportation centres alongside non natives who were in Assam for generations.

  • Sana S.
    12/24/2019 08:07

    Khushi hui yeh dekkar ke jolog darke jee rah the ab bina darke zindagi guzar sakein ge💖

  • Brut India
    12/24/2019 06:35

    "Hopeful, Confused, Misinformed: Hindu Refugees Hail Modi for CAA"

  • Rajani S.
    12/24/2019 06:04

    But my question to the NE is that these people who are being offered the citizenship are already there. Infact they've been there before 2014. Maybe long before then. Then why is it hurting you now, only when their status is being changed from illegal to legal. It doesn't change the fact that they've already been living amongst you. This whole protest just reeks of politicism.

  • Jagadish M.
    12/24/2019 05:57

    I STRONGLY SUPPORT CAA & NRC. The Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 explained!!! 1. Does the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 affect existing Indian citizens (Hindus, Muslims, anyone)? Ans. No. It has nothing to do with Indian citizens. It has to do with refugees who have come to India escaping religious persecution in Pak, Afghanistan & Bangladesh only. 2. To whom does it apply? Ans. Only to Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists & Christians from the above three countries - Islamic Republics - who are facing religious persecution AND who are already in India before 1st Dec 2014. 3. Which 3 countries? Ans. Pakistan, Bangladesh & Afghanistan. 4. In what way does it benefit Hindus, Sikhs, Jains & Christians from these 3 countries? Ans. Their residency requirement for permanent citizenship in India has now been reduced from 11 to 5 years. Thus they can claim citizenship as a right under this law. Unfortunately their major problem was that once these refugees reached India, they would continue to be looked at by the entire system including common citizens as 'Pakis' or 'Bangladeshis' etc!! They had to endure many challenges and officially no government support could be given to them. 5. Does this mean that Muslims from these 3 countries can never get Indian citizenship? Ans. No. But they will go through the usual process of acquiring citizenship through the existing naturalization rules….11 years of residence etc. 6. Will illegal Muslim immigrants from these 3 countries be automatically deported under this bill? Ans. No. For them the existing usual process applies. Their application for naturalization may or may not be granted depending on their eligibility. 7. Can Hindus facing persecution in any other country apply under this law? Ans. No. It is limited to the above three countries. 8. Does this bill apply to other forms of persecution – Political, racial, sexual etc? Ans. No. The bill is very specific in its intend – to provide relief to Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Christians & Buddhists facing 'religious persecution' in these three countries. 9. Why only these 3 countries ? And why only religious persecution ? Ans. These 3 countries - Islamic Republics - have a track record of pervasive, systematic & institutionalized persecution of religious minorities. At the time of Independence, approx 23% of population of Pak were minorities. Today it is less than 3%! The figures are self explanatory. 10. What about Sri Lankan Tamils? Ans. (1) The war has been over for a decade now. (2) In Sri Lanka there never was any persecution on religious lines. It was on racial lines. And over the decades of civil war the Sri Lankans have put an end to institutionalized discrimination of tamils. 11. Doesn’t India have an obligation under the UN to take care of refugees? Ans. Yes it does. And it is not shying away from it. But it has no obligation to offer citizenship. Each country has its own rules for naturalization. India is not going to turn away other refugees under this law. It will play host to them under UN rules, in the implicit expectation that some day they will return to their homelands when the conditions improve. But in the case of Hindus from these 3 countries, this law acknowledges the reality that the environment of persecution in these 3 countries is never going to improve. 12. Why shouldn’t Baluchis, Ahmediyas in Pakistan not be considered for this kindness? Ans. They are all Muslims in self declared Islamic Republics. However, if these ppl come in as refugees, their case will be considered under the existing laws of migration and not under the special category. It may be known that a total of 546 Muslims of Pak origin were granted Indian citizenship since 2017!!! 13. Does any Indian Muslim lose his citizenship or become second class citizens? Ans : No... Not at all. They continue to be valued citizens of India!!! In India we do not have a concept of different classes of citizens! 14. Then why so much of violence and drama making the country suffer irrespective of consequences for common citizens? Ans: Any nation pays the price for having foolish and opportunistic leaders who only seek to divide own citizens for narrow political brownie points!!! We're suffering from the same. PS. Btw.. this bill was in the Parliamentary standing committee since 2015. Was cleared there after due alterations in Jan 2019...

  • Swapnil P.
    12/24/2019 05:37

    go back to porkistan,. we dont need more porki any how!

  • GKris K.
    12/23/2019 22:58

    We support CAA AND NRC

  • Sangeeta S.
    12/23/2019 22:58

    This Muslim immature girl is not sufficiently educated..