Class 1 Student’s Anti-School Rant Is Winning The Internet

She hates going to school so much she even dragged Prime Minister Narendra Modi into this riveting monologue. Gandhinagar’s Ruhi Shah is best heard with the sound on. 🔊 👂

11/19/2019 2:40 PMupdated: 11/19/2019 3:11 PM
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  • Nitish S.
    08/02/2020 05:13

    This kid has left us to think about our education system... There is some urgent need to change the pattern.

  • Maira M.
    08/01/2020 05:13

    School environment should be created in such a way that every child should enjoy going to school and learn with fun..... This video shows something not acceptable... Her parents should understand and do the best for their child...

  • Hokid S.
    07/22/2020 04:43

    This isn't funny .. I can c the stress in this lovely kid. The education system is too poor for the small kid. She lost her freedom as a child

  • Bithika M.
    07/18/2020 05:39

    This is a serious problem in our education system... Little childrens are loosing their childhood due to heavy pressure. We should think about it . This is really hectic.

  • Shivam R.
    07/15/2020 15:07

    This is wrong

  • Anisha P.
    07/15/2020 05:15

    Education system mei kuch bhi fun nahi hai .. bichare bache stressed ho jate hai.. study.. homework.. again study homework... skating class n then again skate at home... kyu ?? While watching its funny the way child says but if u think its her frustration n hatred towards studies... There shud be one period daily for students to do their homework or any other preparation so that they are free at home to rest and play.

  • Yudila T.
    07/13/2020 20:28

    The lockdown has rescued the child! 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Sunita S.
    07/13/2020 14:40

    So much burden on her

  • Priyanka R.
    07/13/2020 10:05

    I sure she must be happi now schools r closed due to oandamic

  • Shishir D.
    07/12/2020 07:01

    I feel the same😅😅😆

  • Ruby B.
    07/10/2020 09:11

    Happiest person on earth right now😌

  • Akriti S.
    07/09/2020 19:13

    This is the reality of our education system.. where children are pressurised from the load of study they find no fun in study and have become frustrated this is the big problem government and all the boards should b concerned about this matter.... The children should find fun in classes and books instead of being frustrated all the time....😔😔its very sad 😔😔😣

  • Akriti S.
    07/09/2020 09:44

    Itna gussa...!!!!

  • Surbhi S.
    07/09/2020 09:36

    That awkward moment when you realise she got the "chutkaara" she wanted 😂

  • Maya B.
    07/09/2020 02:54

    This poor kid is realy frustrated!

  • Suman L.
    07/08/2020 12:40

    Actually i feel pretty bad for this little much pressure..way too much.. 😒

  • Ritu V.
    07/08/2020 04:36

    Meenaksshi Goswami watch this video 😂😂

  • Goldy S.
    07/06/2020 15:31

    Excessive burden..on children's head ruin their future... This child is frustrated from his schedule...i guess parents need counseling rather than this child...child copy what they see or listen around them... Sleep deprivation is one severe cause behind this behaviour...this child is not interested in schooling because it's their age to play.. N parents are stealing it from them.

  • Thang T.
    07/06/2020 03:48

    Exactly school system getting worse n worsening

  • Priya T.
    07/05/2020 17:30

    Thum Tongsin

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