Cobrapost’s Aniruddha Bahal On DHFL “Fraud”

After Cobrapost accused the DHFL promoters of diverting Rs 31,000 crore of public money, its editor Aniruddha Bahal explained to Brut India the significance of the investigation. Brut India wrote to DHFL but did not receive a response. The following video includes excerpts of DHFL’s official statement on the Cobrapost allegations.

02/01/2019 2:23 PMupdated: 02/05/2019 12:46 PM
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  • Brut India
    02/01/2019 14:27

    You can read DHFL's full statement on Cobrapost here:

  • Devesh S.
    02/01/2019 14:39


  • Abhishek V.
    02/01/2019 14:50

    Hope SEBI and SFIO investigates this.

  • Rajesh K.
    02/01/2019 14:54

    was thrown out of by a portrayed scam Now is being portrayed same way by these

  • Subhendu K.
    02/01/2019 14:59

    bhai to paisa gala re😂

  • Shamim M.
    02/01/2019 15:08

    Indian ko scam sunte sunte habbit ho geya hai

  • Mohd T.
    02/01/2019 15:12

    why most scammers are linked with BJP 😶

  • Priyanshu K.
    02/01/2019 15:28

    another big hit on the tax-payers money political parties involving in this type of scam makes it even more difficult to check on this robberies

  • Shakeel A.
    02/01/2019 15:34

    Even Investors lost their hard earned money because of wrong doing of promoters

  • Amarjeet K.
    02/01/2019 16:01


  • Amit B.
    02/01/2019 17:19

    Kya hoga desh ka

  • Karthik P.
    02/01/2019 18:07


  • Sunny G.
    02/01/2019 19:52

    Budget kai bare main kab post karega 😂😂

  • Rahul C.
    02/02/2019 02:03

    Baseless. ...fake news for 2019 election

  • Ashutosh U.
    02/02/2019 03:08

    Since this government did best job with corruption free. So they are spreading rumours, if you verified why not filing FIR against this system.

  • Ridham L.
    02/02/2019 03:41

    If BRUT has posted it then it has nothing to do with the scam. Now i am sure. 🤣

  • Bharath N.
    02/02/2019 06:35

    They say verified the facts. Where's the fact and where are the proofs? All you Dumbo's making allegations should show proof to the entire country to know who's right and who's wrong. Without proof, why waste everyone's time? It creates all sorts of non-sense and disrupts peace.

  • Smit V.
    02/03/2019 06:31

    GD topic 😂

  • Debabrata C.
    02/04/2019 19:44

    Me chta hu ap kuch tippani kare😒

  • Rohan S.
    02/05/2019 05:35

    adventurous times, these are!