Comforting Advice To 4-Year-Old Goes Globally Viral

"You are beautiful, black is beautiful." When four-year-old Ariyonna called herself ugly, babysitter and friend of the family, Rapper Shabria, comforted her with this now famous response. 🧡

03/21/2020 12:57 PM
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  • Usha K.
    2 days

    You r so beautiful the whole world is beautiful. Come on smile bless you baby

  • Ruchi S.
    5 days

    Aww this melted my heart..u are indeed beautiful as beauty is in the eye of beholder and discrimination based on complexion is not worth doing as beauty is only skin deep

  • Alka Y.
    5 days

    Baby u r so cute

  • Vikas G.
    5 days

    Yes dear you are so beautiful

  • Sheena S.
    6 days

    She is beautiful like diamond

  • Abinav K.
    6 days

    Dear you are very beautiful. Beauty is not a term used to describe skin or color, but it's the nature of this earth and creatures. All are equal in this mother earth.

  • Saroj S.
    6 days

    Everything ur body who is on earth that r so cute and beautiful. They are God gifted

  • Meenu S.
    6 days

    Creation of Almighty is always beautiful

  • Babita K.
    6 days

    So cute

  • Solachanapal
    6 days

    Yes she is so pretty real she is very very beautiful.

  • Roli B.
    6 days

    I love this beauty rather than white skin bcoz your inner soul represent your beauty not a colour

  • Aru P.
    6 days

    Awwww so pretty bby Doll😘😘😘

  • Sunny C.
    6 days

    You are so beautiful my child

  • Harpreet K.
    6 days

    So beautiful

  • Šhôbïț S.
    7 days

    Buteful sweet my dear children I Like you

  • Priyanka S.
    7 days

    U r beauty full my cutyyy baby love u so much

  • Aska K.
    7 days

    Wowowoo soo cute baby

  • Astami B.
    7 days

    So cute love u baby

  • Deepa G.
    7 days

    You are lovely cutiepie love you..

  • Vidya N.
    7 days

    U r so pretty