Congress Blowing A Political Opportunity: Sanjay Jha

"Why did suddenly the magic of Mr Modi overwhelm the party," asks Sanjay Jha after he was removed as Congress party spokesperson days after he wrote a newspaper column accusing the Congress of extraordinary lassitude.

06/23/2020 2:25 PMupdated: 06/24/2020 3:23 PM
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  • Ankur K.
    a day

    Truly said.. Sanjay Jha.. Congress has been bastion for a family only.

  • Yumlembam J.
    a day

    Throw the Gandhi and put Dr Shashi Tharoor as the next nominee . Until then there is not a single chance to tackle the BJP.

  • Manash D.
    a day

    Rahul PseudoGandhi should always remain the Congress party leader ,,,bcoz this will help the BJP to win for the years to come. He is better to be party president than being the country PM. Let him destroy the party as the destruction of the country will be a bigger loss for all of us.

  • Pritish J.
    a day


  • Priyabrat D.
    a day

    Worth a look!

  • Suresh K.
    2 days

    The truth! But who is ready take on the mighty Namo. A party of stooges which is rudderless will break into pieces in next 3 years!

  • Punit T.
    2 days

    This is so true ! Congress needs an alternative dynamic leader . End the dynastic rule of

  • Thammadi G.
    2 days

    Wedding out khan/dynastic family who are in the skin of Gandhi can only help to some future for Indian National Congress. God only can save this grand old party

  • Sharada P.
    2 days

    The country does not need the Congress the most😂😂. Please maintain the party like this, thanks.

  • Krishnarao P.
    2 days

    Nicely put

  • Vishal G.
    2 days

    Gandu achchi baat karte karte nehru ki gand chatane laga. CWC also want to lick asshole of fake gandhis

  • Santhosh K.
    2 days

    I can totally agree with your words what Congress is lacking. But just 1 things instead of being there and supporting such a corrupted party which the whole nation knows. Just come and join BJP and support them which is the future of india and which is a billion times better than corrupted Congress.think about it.

  • Sanket L.
    3 days

    Even at the end here he had to praise pappu n sonia.. contradicting all the things he said and wished about the party.. when he knows its just because of this family the party is where it is currently.. i know he is just trying to save his place in the party

  • Sujata P.
    3 days

    Good explanation of failure of Congress!

  • Nitin R.
    3 days

    These guys have made tons and tons of money ruling India for 60 years and donot have patience to chalk out strategy to revive party as money earned in past adequate to last for many generations.My persona opinion is that in a democracy there must be strong opposition which should make ruling party to take decisions for the common people.

  • Prem K.
    3 days

    Let me say.. while I agree to most of the things that MrSanjay Jha said.. one thing I don't agree is that.. Mr Sanjay is wrong when he says that there is not a dearth of talent in Congress... The party has not been able to nurture talent nor lead charge as an alternative party or even a vocal opposition. The root cause of these things are because Congress simply does not have at the moment the charisma and courtship for alternative change.. If this continues.. they will ruin the legacy of the grand old party, the leadership of Sonia Gandhi and will be decimated.. from National Politics..

  • Somashekhar K.
    3 days

    Congress Jhaa...Jaa ...Ja..

  • Samir A.
    3 days

    बीगेपी का एजंट है और दलाल कुछ नहीं कर सकता

  • Joshua J.
    3 days

    100 percent true

  • Pankaj U.
    3 days

    Don't be much hopeful as Congress party will sink very soon as long as there is no change in leadership.