Covid-19 Doctors Allege Attack In Viral Video

Frayed nerves came to a head at Delhi's Lok Nayak hospital recently. The doctors asked if they must fight people or the pandemic. 😔

24/04/2020 12:27 PM
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  • Nabila F.
    18/05/2020 20:38

    As a medical professional I have experienced this bullshit in India front up. This is horrendous. Then again as a Muslim I get an enhanced hatred by these so called religion of peace by Hindus. They're always harrassing me and my colleagues in the hospital. It's not about religion they're making it about it 🤦🏻‍♀️. Absolutely disgusting behaviour from almost everyone. An Indian man tried to hit and assault my boyfriend when he was checking up his wife. 🙄 As if! I staight up told this weird lady that I won't treat her if she keeps acting like an uncivilized swine! She then went to my colleague, he treated her, nice guy, not so much though. This needs to stop and WE NEED POLICE ACCOMPANY WHILE WE'RE AT WORK TRYING TO SAVE YALL'S ASSES!!

  • Santosh M.
    18/05/2020 18:00

    Which community people were there please give full reply so that all people would knew it

  • Ajay K.
    17/05/2020 05:46

    Show to people the face of such idiots.. Not the face of doctors...

  • R C.
    17/05/2020 05:45

    Euthanise them without a second thought

  • Maria M.
    07/05/2020 04:47


  • Naveed M.
    04/05/2020 20:07

    Thank god they did not use tableeki jamaat to blame

  • Pauline G.
    30/04/2020 16:53

    Real shame. 😡

  • Tutai P.
    30/04/2020 16:02

    They all should be thrown out from the hospitals... they don't deserve to be treated well, let them rot...madarchodao they are fighting for our nation for your god damn life that doesn't even count cuz you guy's are useless....and this is how you treat them? 🥱sorry for the language

  • Harpreet K.
    30/04/2020 15:49

    look at pissfulls trying to justify them. what a shame.

  • Harpreet K.
    30/04/2020 15:48

    but peaceful people will say it's fake nd attack on them coz they are minority. shameless dumbfucks

  • Riya G.
    27/04/2020 17:52

    Any such incidence must be recorded on mobile and must be put forward as a proof for strict action against them

  • Daiashisha M.
    27/04/2020 15:33

    I felt their burden and humanity but y lots of pple didn't hav humanity for their works

  • Keshav S.
    26/04/2020 17:48

    Dear bruet.,these attackers are not ambulance service worker 😡😡😠😠😠😠😠 these are those who u treated as god.. Jamities

  • Hassan Q.
    25/04/2020 10:57

    We (Pakistanis) and indians will never prosper because of our shitty attitudes.

  • San G.
    25/04/2020 10:27

    They should start allocating police personnel at Covid hospitals to ensure no one does anything to docs.

  • Rohini P.
    25/04/2020 09:56

    I can't believe that many of these comments are justifying the violence saying people in lockdown are repressed or that doctors are rude or the doctors make money by hospitalising people unnecessarily. Haven't doctors proven enough times that they have been over worked, under paid n people still remain ungrateful to them even in times like these where they are out without a thought for their own safety and fighting and many losing those fights. Yet the doctors turn up for work the next day. Dealing with the pain and stress any other person is under. They are being thrown out of their homes, they don't have anyone to take care of their children in their absence. How pathetic can the society get? Really?

  • Maria M.
    25/04/2020 07:20

    பேசியண்ட் ஈஸ் த கோவிட் 19, அண்ட் ஆல் கம்யூனிக்கபுள் டிஸிஸ் கேரியர்ஸ் டு ட்க்டேர்ஸ்.அதைவிடக் கொடியது டாக்டர்கள் விசயத்தில் அரசின் அணுகுமுறை.

  • Suryakala C.
    25/04/2020 07:06

    Army should have been brought in .. One set of people create all nonsense

  • Naushad S.
    25/04/2020 06:48

    I condemn the attack, but sometime when a person is addressed in humiliation and rude manner. Yes these kind of incidents comes. God knows better who was responsible for this. But we should respect and support our medical professionals. They are saving not only you but also our country. Be patience everything will be fine and support them

  • Ishan C.
    25/04/2020 06:26

    Didn't seen any apart from muslims doing such acts so why hesitate to name them muslims till when there are going to play minorty card?

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