Crazy Things Politicians Said After The Hijab Row

Some men seem to be just waiting for a controversy to break. This flock passed some bizarre remarks once the hijab debate hit the fan.

14/02/2022 7:09 PM
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  • Rajat W.
    5 days

    What about men?

  • Shantanu S.
    10/05/2022 12:14

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 So funny it's not even funny. 😓

  • Mohámmed A.
    09/05/2022 12:33

    exactly in the Arab Muslim countries the rape case is less.

  • Faijul A.
    01/05/2022 09:13

  • Aprameya S.
    28/04/2022 15:36

    What is even use of RSS? Wastes time, space and the noise pollution they make by shouting every Sunday goddammit

  • Shaheen C.
    23/04/2022 14:38

    6 month old babies getting raped. Your argument?

  • Md H.
    20/04/2022 07:37

    Nobody is going to rape mr gadkare.....doesnt matters if he walks nude...he has nothing alluring in his body...but women has

  • Naran B.
    14/04/2022 08:09

    Full enquiry on this matter immediately

  • Maysoun S.
    10/04/2022 20:36

    What silly talk

  • Palash A.
    03/04/2022 17:36

    Don't even think about judging a girl by her looks and 👗.

  • Palash A.
    03/04/2022 17:35

    All are trash Talking people, They should make a law in which If you want stand for election he/she should have a Degree. Because Some knowledge and commonsense is required to run a country.

  • Jamil M.
    01/04/2022 13:43

    While Hindus are wearing western dress.

  • Ruhi S.
    01/04/2022 11:23

    Fact things politicians said after hijab row

  • Imran S.
    31/03/2022 17:53


  • NíGhť M.
    31/03/2022 08:34

    Kiya madarchodddd hhhhhhh

  • Muhammad U.
    30/03/2022 03:03

    You know what's the shit is happening in India? Stone Worshipers are describing the teachings of Islam to Muslims 🤮😂.

  • Mujib K.
    30/03/2022 00:23

    Hijab is a decree from God who has prescribed the women to cover the head in public & in front of a strangers. It's mandated in every religious scripture....actually one must read their own scriptures with an open mind. But they won't!!!... because they are not 'HINDUS'. Just like 'NAZISM & ZIONISM'...they are a totally new race called 'SANGHISM'.

  • Chandra T.
    29/03/2022 14:29

    Wow that fat shaming comment was so unnecessary... What exactly was he trying to say ?

  • Nageswara R.
    28/03/2022 14:26

    First change mans mindset respect women Feel like a sister that time no need burkha Hijab stupid western culture spoiling India 😡

  • Rahul D.
    28/03/2022 09:18


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