Dear Prime Minister: JNU Student Appeals PM For Fee Hike Rollback

“Dear Prime Minister, when you are introducing this fee hike, you are telling me that those naysayers to my dreams were correct and I was wrong.” A JNU student talks to Brut India about the university's fee hike.

20/11/2019 3:58 AMupdated: 20/11/2019 4:11 PM
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  • Moses L.
    07/12/2021 16:59

  • Manis S.
    29/03/2021 09:03


  • Tripuresh D.
    26/02/2020 17:47

    Mam please also talk about what it gives back to india...

  • Joseph M.
    19/01/2020 17:59

    Communism is the only solution.

  • Dilip S.
    16/01/2020 03:51

    Fee hike is a wrong policy resorted to by the authorities, our educational institutions should be treated as temples where future generations of responsible citizens will turn out from.But instead the campuses of our educational institutions have been turned into battle ground of political gangsters who reign supreme on the campuses and serious and talented students are made to suffer.

  • Dinesh T.
    13/01/2020 11:44

    It is rubbish. A. Govt is calling for discussion no body bothered. B. The protest must be limited to fee hike only. Not about other issue. C. Protest must be peaceful. Not breaking server room. D. I never seen in india at least police lathi charging innocent. E. Ms. Mishra when sunami wave comes it does not see good or bad. This is the way lathi charge happens. F. If your good and have a guts control your fellow student. G. After all your scholarship comes from my income tax money. I don't want it to go on waste. G. Today we are struggling because of tax but we never complains and makes it big. Try to utilise your skill to earn money. F. Take education loan. Work after class hours. I seen many student doing it abroad. H. Ways are there. Any body can wake you up from sleep. But nobody can wake you up from lazy/acting sleep. 9. I know if your confident of getting good job your fearless in taking loan. But not you know the answer.

  • Manohari S.
    09/01/2020 12:52

    A forwarded WhatsApp message. ********************* JNU issue - there are a total of ~8000 students at JNU. Of this, the lion’s share of 57% students is of social sciences, language, literature & arts (4578 students) & International studies 15% ( 1210 students). Almost 55% of the total i.e. 4359 students are doing M.Phil. or Ph.D Cost of running such University: Just how much does government spends on JNU? Look at the Profit & Loss account of JNU for 2018. This is hidden somewhere in the middle of an 600 page annual report. It should be the first section on annual reports. So JNU spends about Rs 556 crores per year on its functioning.So what is the cost per student at JNU ? We can calculate. Rs 556 crore / 8000 students gives us Rs 6.95 lac per student annually. Research, publications & patents at JNU: Assumption is that such high subsidy on "good talent" would be producing great research outcomes, right? Well, hardly. There are no concrete claims on research & publications, no names of journals or publications worth mentioning. You’ll find some mention of research in the placement brochure (yes they have one, although very superficial & doesn’t disclose any statistics about past placements). Here is what you’ll see in the name of research at JNU: With 4360 students in M.Phil. & Ph.D. courses, there are hardly 1000 research “articles” published in Journals. The university doesn’t name any notable journals while making such claims. This implies that there is just ONE “article” published for every 4.5 students each year. There is huge participation in international conferences. So about 2000 international conferences are attended every year. Again, not sure what materializes in those conferences. Certainly not the research papers or patents. But there should be some patents at-least ? All that we find for patents is 4 names of Mr. Bhatnagar, Ms. Dixit, Mr Kar & Mr. Mukherjee. No patents by any other faculty. Number of patents by students ??? Try searching…….I did not find any results. So much for 600 PH.Ds every yr So is the fee hike Justified ? Why punish the meritorious students? Firstly, in view of the data above, it doesn’t appear that there is much focus on output or getting laurels for the nation at JNU. Now, let’s look at the “fee” the students pay to study at the university. The numbers you are looking at are not in thousands or lacs. These are what they are in INR. So Rs 240 is the entire tuition fee paid by JNU student. Aside, they pay a generous Rs 6 for library & Rs 40 as refundable security deposit. Any research paper on how the fee is so low? IIT Delhi which is located close by charges about Rs 2.25 plus lac annually & IIMs charge about Rs 5 to 10 lac per year. We don’t see any strikes at those places. Students know they need to jump into the job market, start their earning life & also repay their student loans JNU is free of any such thoughts or troubles. Probably the reason why students have much time left to create new troubles of their own. Ideology or idle mind, you decide. I don’t want to conclude any political thoughts here. But the data from official sources of the university help us infer a lot of ideas. JNU is a perfect example of bad socialism. If you give something for free, people have no incentive to work & earn. Why would anyone at JNU be in a hurry to find jobs or even publish research. In a nation where we’re are hardly able to educate our children thru primary schools, JNU stands tall as an example of socialist elitism at its best. The students may have all the time for doctoral courses, the nation is certainly running out of money to pay for these scholars.Surprised that this social reform idea never came out from JNU that claims to be the study centre on social sciences? Irony died a quite death !!

  • Sharu R.
    02/01/2020 14:46

    Give student loans , instead of subsidizing education. Let students pay after education. Let there be teaching assistantship and research assistantship for deserving students, as done abroad. You study and pay back . Anyway all of them are 21+ when they join PG and PhD

  • Sayeda S.
    02/01/2020 01:55

    Government should pervoide some relief to the poor students who can not afford college and Hostel fee rise .

  • Marino E.
    01/01/2020 06:03


  • Bhushan S.
    01/01/2020 05:54 Whatever she is saying must be correct, but is she really not capable of affording fees.she is maintaining her life style in good way....other hand free asking for free of cost education. They should cut down other expenses which are not allowing them actually to fullfull their dream

  • Sanjeev P.
    29/12/2019 09:37

    Hike!!!!!!!!Do not gloat much.JNU hike is nothing

  • Namshathui D.
    29/12/2019 05:40

    Beti bachao, beti ..., beti ..., beti ... 🙏🙏🙏

  • Gowtham V.
    28/12/2019 11:34

    I don’t understand why students of age 30+ still studying where can they get jobs. These dumb lazy scarp need to be cleaned from JNU. There is a age limit for most of jobs which is 28 and how come these useless garbage get a job. I don’t even hire them as a mastri vala in our construction company.

  • Gowtham V.
    28/12/2019 11:29

    Many students are working in part time while studying which even I did even thought I got a management quota seat by paying 10 times of government fees can’t these students do it. By the way I believe education should be free every where which is far from possibility in India right now. Me as a tax paying citizen don’t want to spend on anti national elements in JNU.

  • Chetan K.
    28/12/2019 04:56

    Jnu is now a anti national producer factory

  • Abhishek R.
    26/12/2019 12:09

    Y don't u quit

  • Sagar G.
    25/12/2019 13:37

    Time to close this university

  • Dhandapani S.
    25/12/2019 08:45

  • Look A.
    23/12/2019 15:15

    If you want to study in a good place , then you must take a educational lone........ why you expect just like that....... Stop politics........ Ok.......?

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