• Naren K.
    12/08/2021 02:22

    Barely 10% of country population are enjoying and getting prosperous on account of Galloping sensex. Rest of 90% of the population are watching helplessly. Salaried & pensioners who used to keep their money in banks are worst effected. Interest in the banks have crashed over the last few years.

  • Lobsang N.
    07/04/2021 12:11

    sure sir.. u r best and great..

  • Subhajit D.
    03/04/2021 09:40


  • Subhajit D.
    03/04/2021 09:36


  • Naresh M.
    02/04/2021 17:44


  • Mohd I.
    30/03/2021 15:39

    Absolutely Right Sir.......

  • Rajashree D.
    26/03/2021 05:18

    Please be a contestant here in West Bengal

  • Baiju B.
    25/03/2021 10:28

    A bloody liar. He is the cat between two monkeys fighting for piece of cake he wants to cash on there errors and not on his own. Delhi ka thug party

  • Nikesh J.
    22/03/2021 15:04

    Agreed sir.

  • Rajesh P.
    20/03/2021 15:20

    Never believe kejriwal he is a liar , he talks something , does something else.

  • Roy S.
    20/03/2021 04:19

    The less people know, the less they'll act upon, This was the moto of the Indian government in the last 70 years

  • Varun M.
    19/03/2021 23:10

    Sarkar mei bethey logon ke apne school or hospital hain ..... Ye log sarkari hospital or school kahan se chalney dengey .....

  • Anaz E.
    19/03/2021 15:03

    Its high time to elect aap central govt

  • Arvind R.
    19/03/2021 07:41

    👍👍Well done.

  • Anjan C.
    18/03/2021 17:03

    गोरी, गजनी औरंगजेब भी भारत के मंदिर में पानी पीने ही आए थे

  • Bonami L.
    18/03/2021 16:38

    He wanted hospital in place of Shri Ram Janmabhomi Temple and this drama after successfully dramatising with the Hanuman Chalisa.

  • Mohit K.
    18/03/2021 04:23

    It's a shame when you claim to provide best medical treatment and government hospitals taking months to do a test which are costly outside the hospital

  • Sandeep V.
    18/03/2021 01:26

    Its sad to see opportunist fox get educated from one of the finest insitution which past governments created & blames the same government for creating such education system. the same education system lifted thw Literacy rate from 25% 1947 to 75% 2011 today. Politics Rest in Peace! Jr Feku ji at his best.

  • Syed M.
    17/03/2021 12:12

    Ram Rajya, Ayodhya, puja telecast on TV.....AAP wants its share of Hindu votes now based on nationalism.

  • Rajat R.
    17/03/2021 09:57

    So he can say Ram as his motivation but not others? Are people of India really going to believe these anti Hindu bigots?

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