• Sandeep S.
    07/26/2019 05:08


  • Abhishek S.
    07/26/2019 05:09

    The fact that folks are laughing at this proves Derek's point.

  • Neelam P.
    07/26/2019 05:10


  • Jit L.
    07/26/2019 05:18

    I am amazed at the comments. How is this a party vs party issue? Dereck is speaking about sexual molestation of children. How that is real and how it should be dealt with. Please let us understand that the child’s parents can be a TMC, BJP or Congress supporter. Can we please support the cause instead of taking sides on which party did what?

  • Romita A.
    07/26/2019 05:23

    Very true and it happens

  • Vinita S.
    07/26/2019 05:25

    The 10 odd people who found sexual abuse against children funny are real ass holes!!!

  • Patria O.
    07/26/2019 05:26

    What is there to laugh? Are we insane? Some one is trying to deal with a very complicated issue by sighting his dark experience and we are laughing here! Are we not suppose to have hearts being human?

  • Raaj M.
    07/26/2019 05:27

    Ye b mard pe blame karaha hai

  • Karan A.
    07/26/2019 05:28

    This guy was good hosting quiz contest. Politics ruined him. Poor guy

  • Madhav G.
    07/26/2019 05:31

    Wonderful .The children should encouraged to speak with their parents whatever the problem they may face

  • B. S.
    07/26/2019 05:35

    #Derek O’Brien # khudous to you💐 You shared a deeply disturbing story from your childhood🤔 you are a genuine person and educated person. Many boys and girls are getting sexually assaulted, abused in hostels, workplace, at isolated place, in their own home !! They suffer in silence,fear , rejection, anxiety and many many psychic related health problems throughout their life !! they have no choice they live in the same family and how they make arrangement with their predators difficult to say !! Though many "Black Mirror" are there..and ready to receive such story... Child sexual abuse is real. kids are helpless, they cannot defend themselves. you are absolutely right, Law has to be tough on this. Let's make our society safe for our children. on this I am with you. #Save_children #tough_effective #LAW_is_needed.

  • Varsha J.
    07/26/2019 05:38

    People finding this worth a laugh have either sexually abused a child or have never been abused as a child, no wonder we've such high rates of infants and kids getting raped. I'm someone who has been physically abused by my uncle, raped and sexually abused by a cousin from the age of 6 until I turned 11. I can relate to each and every word he said. And the saddest part is that parents don't believe their children and even if they believe, they don't consider confronting the culprit for the sake of saving their relationship with them.

  • Abhilash K.
    07/26/2019 05:38

    It's disturbing to see that some morons find it funny.

  • Pratyush B.
    07/26/2019 05:39

    These 12 people are the same ones who find Hindi their national language

  • Rashmi T.
    07/26/2019 05:41


  • Ti B.
    07/26/2019 05:43

    Should hang till death these bloody sexually people. Oh sry not even can call them people

  • Nidheen K.
    07/26/2019 05:50

    Cry nana...

  • Ravinder K.
    07/26/2019 05:51

    Now since you are powerful now and your party is in power, use your intellect and power to firmly stand against injustice and political killings of poor Bengalis by TMC goons instead of narrating your childhood abuses. Thank God you have not accused present government for your childhood abuses

  • Saddam H.
    07/26/2019 05:53

    Who haha on this? You guys are mantely retarded.

  • Vikul A.
    07/26/2019 06:00

    I am surprised to see laughing emoji as a reaction.... How disturbing is the thought that you failed to understand how serious this subject is. Sad!