Dia Mirza On Sexism In Bollywood

"People were writing, thinking and making sexist cinema and I was a part of these stories." Actor Dia Mirza opens up about sexism and the struggle to cope with press rumours.

03/05/2021 4:27 PM
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  • Laila K.
    26/09/2021 16:40

    She is so well spoken 💕

  • Chitra P.
    13/09/2021 15:47

    hum pehle se hi jaante the 😏

  • Vishal A.
    13/09/2021 14:20


  • M. A.
    17/07/2021 09:32

    She is adorable. Her face is so pristine and beautiful. She is a delight.

  • Ahmed D.
    29/06/2021 20:32

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  • Debarati G.
    26/05/2021 14:20


  • Rafayatul K.
    13/05/2021 08:21

    your favorite actor, Bhai.

  • Maxsella A.
    13/05/2021 05:47

    Why is she talking about her struggle on a movies that are so old .. obviously she wants attention because she’s not getting movies .. sab publicity stunt hai.. who cares about her struggle.. she’s not the only one to struggle in Bollywood.. nobody’s even asking her what she has went through.. telling personal stories to the world has no point.. it’s just attention whoring just like Tanushree Dutta trying to get attention by getting into stupid controversies.. had she be getting movies regularly she wouldn’t be talking about these.. m damn sure..

  • Soham G.
    11/05/2021 20:23

    Is that why you are unemployed right now?

  • Varsha G.
    11/05/2021 16:11

    You are so pretty

  • Dhaval M.
    11/05/2021 14:06

    Dia Mirza also did a sleazy item song with Emraan Hashmi. A rank hypocrite.

  • Akshaya P.
    11/05/2021 07:24

    RHTDM is the only movie of her's i would like to see. And cause of maddy

  • Shabbir U.
    10/05/2021 22:34

    Yet you gained popularity by this cinema. I was really moved by the story of that cinema and done some unthinkable thing back then when I saw the film.

  • Hemant G.
    10/05/2021 17:22

    Dia Mirza - A brave gorgeous lady.

  • Raisa R.
    10/05/2021 15:43

    Rehna hay tere dilme all time fav

  • Chintann P.
    10/05/2021 06:12

    Hypocrite of the highest order! She's worked in a movie "Sanju" where the one who plays her husband flaunts his 308 girlfriends despite being married to her, and she smiles her way throughout!

  • Istiaque H.
    10/05/2021 00:07

    I support what u said and you shld nt have faced that.. Lets take an example where world has more woman than men .. what would have been the society then ? If that was in real then today we would have seen some male actor sharing the same perspective.. Indian culture westernized their ways in movie taking 50s western concept treating women as object. If tomorrow we have more female directors or producers or more better ratio on the crew. I bet still this gap will exist as social dominance is parasitic nature of human beings. Since the dawn of nature it started with physical strength then color of your skin later diverted to religious dominance and now intelligence and materialism.

  • Ali W.
    09/05/2021 23:18

    Good video

  • Massi O.
    09/05/2021 19:14

    Brut,pls remember that I was the 226th to see the video but i chose not to remark.. just to see how the likes (and views) grow. There is something wrong in ur Boosting (mind it). I love ur work, stories, editing... everything but still i see a lesser number. Being a Journalist myself, i believe in storytelling not in numbers (and any profit it doesn't have) but I am sceptical to run my channel

  • Seema R.
    09/05/2021 19:14

    Wt mandate should be, one should use simple words to Express in social media

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