• Trevor K.
    20/08/2019 04:34

    Interesting for an outsider to read the various points of view

  • Gyana S.
    17/08/2019 16:30

    Brut India..mind your own business...

  • Satyaveer J.
    16/08/2019 01:26

    Deep Sankhla

  • Thanem P.
    15/08/2019 13:59

    Not unfavourable news coverage but for biased news coverage.

  • Rohit C.
    15/08/2019 13:03

    Brut u suck....

  • Mukund K.
    15/08/2019 12:33

    Time for Brut India to introspect...

  • Neeraj M.
    15/08/2019 07:45

    "Zayed Musroor Khan" is the Journalist name...... seems he is ISI & ISIS supporter..... 3:10 to 3:11 check the journalist name😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Naren S.
    15/08/2019 06:19

    All these three newspapers are anti Hindu

  • Naren S.
    15/08/2019 06:18

    Brut You are just a crook

  • Chetan R.
    15/08/2019 05:07

    Because these newspapers you mentioned are danger for Indians, it's that simple, and they talk against our culture, integration and our unity, ofcourse they are pro-congress newspapers, and Under BJP only India can develop

  • Ajay K.
    15/08/2019 04:36

    Dear Brut I was a subscriber of your news, I find your news anti national, I am going to unsubscribe you, many will soon unsubscribe you, later it will lead to reduction of customer base, than you will get less advertisements, At the same time being a nationalist I will start to subscribe a national newspaper or some other social media platforms. As a business man you must respect the demands of your reader It's as same as you are putting water and artificial shampoos in milk when newspaper or reporter's add propaganda in news. I just want to drink pure milk, and I am educated enough that I test your milk with others I read 5 newspapers and 15 online media 4 out of 5 newspapers are nationalist, and 14 out of 15 online plateforms are nationalist. I read I compar than I unsubscribe. It's not about modi it's about my mental health.

  • Pramod C.
    15/08/2019 04:34

    They deserve this treatment even the Quint and Wire should be banned

  • SrEe J.
    15/08/2019 03:43

    Sarath Kinayath കാണണം മിസ്റ്റർ...നിന്റെ പാർട്ടിയുടെ കൊണവധികാരം

  • Punya K.
    14/08/2019 16:55

    You mean Propaganda machines under attack? 😂

  • Sukanta B.
    14/08/2019 15:53

    Well done !!!+

  • Subhankar R.
    14/08/2019 08:11

    Ye khauf a66a h desh k liye!!

  • Hirak S.
    14/08/2019 06:52

    Mohua moitro is raj chokroborti of politics.

  • Hirak S.
    14/08/2019 06:50

    Abp Ananda need it first,I can't understand it's IND ppr or Pak.

  • Nishant S.
    14/08/2019 06:09

    At last we got a PM who have guts and his own brain and does not run by a remote

  • Arif K.
    13/08/2019 18:22

    I have eyes, but I am blind.. I have ears, but I am deaf.. I have a tongue, but I speak lies. Who are these people?

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