Did The Gandhis Use A Warship To Go On A Cruise?

In a new attack on Rajiv Gandhi, Narendra Modi accused the former PM of taking family on a beach holiday using a warship. 🏖🚢😎

10/05/2019 4:49 PM
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  • K Y.
    4 days

    What Bofors scame has not happened Rajiv Gandhi roared in the Parliament. When the scame was unfolded by a sweswn police anr close italiyan relation friend of soniya gandhi role in the scame got exposed , the same Mr clean decleared none of his family members involved in the scame. The real face Gandhi came out when a dummy pm manmohan singh has been selected, she has hand in hand in every scame common wealth games banks corrupt loan mela 2G ,3G , coal mines, national herald case Malliya scame , selling notes printing machine to pakisthan all that happened because congrass first cheating master family involved in looting thousands of crores of poor Indian money . Now again she wants to install her half backed immature playbay son to the India's highest executive post. No takers from any party . Brut and many many foregin funded such mediuns just supporting congrass and it's only prosferous and fradulant family. An ordinary Indian family never want to see that scames masters rull again any more .don't try to portaray these small gangs as Mr clean again

  • Saumya B.
    22/08/2021 01:00

    What kind of politics is going around in this era?

  • Megha J.
    21/08/2021 15:19

    Kahaan Rajeev Gandhi ,such an honourable man aur Kahan hamare chaai wale next door uncle ji .

  • Santosh I.
    21/08/2021 11:06


  • Kamala B.
    20/08/2021 20:45

    Honourable Modiji This isn't the way to speak to our country citizen. Think some other way When you speak on a speaker question you people about. Other leader who respect you And wait for their oppinion. Don't let. Other leader down I am a confused How can Modiji speak with word corrupted family We received freedom. From their ancestor I hope you were not born So sir, think before. You address the country men thankyou

  • Vijay A.
    20/08/2021 13:59

    Gandhi and duplicate Gandhi's 🤔 India is mature now we need to come of Gandhi's shadow 🤔

  • Deba S.
    08/06/2019 11:52

    A stupid man with stupid talks

  • Jagmohan A.
    08/06/2019 08:34

    The retired Navy officer got some good amount from Congress and Gandhi family to side with them and blame Modi .Now people of this country are not fool they are well educated and experienced about the working of Congress and Gandhi family .

  • Subodh A.
    07/06/2019 18:44

    But junior officers are in agreement with modi. Many may have got the post for chamchagiri. Some are claiming it was official visit.

  • Mahesh P.
    07/06/2019 16:39

    💯 % Feku ka झूठ

  • Vijay K.
    07/06/2019 15:17

    Bharat ki rajniti last stage pe aa gayi he Bhagvan aise politicians ko sad budhi de

  • Pravin O.
    07/06/2019 08:41

    Sponsored video 😂😂

  • Dinesh K.
    07/06/2019 08:05

    Aisa jooth failane waala PM pehli baar dekha.

  • Dillip D.
    07/06/2019 07:45

    Mr modi chhhuta

  • H S.
    07/06/2019 07:22

    M c chutiya brut India anti indian vemon s

  • Ramnik S.
    07/06/2019 07:03

    A commie Fraud

  • Sanjay S.
    07/06/2019 04:33

    Chi bjp Chi

  • Ashirwad R.
    07/06/2019 02:45

    Rajiv Gandhi yesa Kiya hey.

  • Mohd Z.
    06/06/2019 17:08

    Jhoot bolne ki machine hai bjp

  • Stanton E.
    06/06/2019 07:32

    Bare face liar to the core, every fox smells it's own hole.

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