Doctors Allege Police Harassment In Kashmir

In Kashmir, where restrictions are usually stricter than other parts of India, the Covid-19 lockdown has been tough on even the doctors. Senior cardiologist Dr. Syed Maqbool shared his detention story with Brut.

28/05/2020 8:57 AMupdated: 28/05/2020 10:54 AM
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  • Vicky K.
    26/06/2020 18:32

    I request the Govt of Kashmir that basterd SHO shd b kicked n dismissed at once...who the hell he think he is. .more over police are more corrupted n disgusting in our country

  • Adithya G.
    25/06/2020 21:09

    This is why minimum education should be made as a compulsory criteria to be a police (but nowadays its there for police) or a politician.

  • Abdullah N.
    24/06/2020 04:59

    Free IOK! India does not deserve this heaven

  • Lallienzuol H.
    23/06/2020 12:10

    The arrogant behaviour of this police personnel had created our Doctor, unnecessary victim of Administration. Let the Government take appropriate action against him who harassed the Doctor who was supposed to attend his patients.

  • Naterthatsme S.
    21/06/2020 12:58

    Brut is Pakistani funded group ... they have a mission to show only negative news but truth is police will 100 percent check in and out because kashmir is the only place terrorist are very much active and 10 percent people are supporting them so Brut you are fake and Indians won't support fake news channel like you

  • Azher K.
    21/06/2020 05:21

    India is inhumane

  • Joan M.
    20/06/2020 19:38

    the whole country its corupt

  • Rakesh S.
    20/06/2020 06:38

    I’m a Hindu , but shame on u India shame . Stop trying to be a Hindu country ..unite all your people to make a stronger india where all races and religions are proud of india and they will be proud to defend india from evil. modi stop bullying people in Kashmir unite them . Doctors , nurses etc are like heros always as specially now but your police r acting with No respect . Shame

  • Venkatachalam P.
    19/06/2020 13:08

    ashamed. This brutal, idiotic approach of police. Never help humanity

  • Mushib U.
    19/06/2020 08:26

    What else you can expect from modi administration

  • Umair T.
    19/06/2020 05:09

    Is se ziada kutte vali suratehal. Pakistan me he.. Kal aik Cardiology Resident Dr ko Hospital me police vale ne 2 golian mari he.

  • Saif I.
    19/06/2020 02:26

    what to say uneducated police of indian thought they dnt knowing how to respects Doctors specially this time of covid-19 shame of police policy

  • Krishnavani A.
    18/06/2020 16:24

    Its very sadening to hear the doctor's story

  • Sunil R.
    18/06/2020 08:00

    Every one is same before the security agencies, jab bomb blast hota hai tab tum jaise log hi bolte ho checking kyon nahi kii

  • Raju C.
    18/06/2020 05:18

    Disgusting 🚔🚑Disgrace 🏨

  • Vida A.
    18/06/2020 01:27

    Let that policeman put in jail,teach them the proper way of arresting people not harrasing them and no respect to the frontliners especially the doctors-this is very disgusting attitude of policemen all over the world!

  • Daniel V.
    18/06/2020 00:29

    Every one in india need to teach a lesson to that police man..for misbehaving with doctors who are trying there best to keep every one safe..

  • Sarvan T.
    17/06/2020 18:35

    Designer presstitute

  • Adnan K.
    17/06/2020 12:20

    His name is & he's a .. Bs that's all... What else can we expect from India.

  • Dwin S.
    17/06/2020 10:56

    Police in india mostly are no brain!!! They dont know what emphaty is and no logic at all hajaja all tjeir armpit are very stinky hahahah hahahah

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