Don’t Call Me ‘Sir’: Rahul Gandhi

It’s not every day a politician insists to be called by his first name. But Rahul Gandhi lived up to his jeans-and-T-shirt appearance to floor students at Chennai’s Stella Maris College. 🚶🏻😛

14/03/2019 1:32 PM
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  • Karko M.
    05/03/2021 17:07

    He is not pappu. He is far better than many politicians

  • Vikas K.
    04/03/2021 22:24

    Brut india will always show congress and gandhis as if they shit gold and will always show modi in a bad light

  • Sonu S.
    20/02/2021 08:28

    is that you asking questions?

  • Shenaz A.
    19/02/2021 15:53

    He's so sweet, how is he single?

  • Usman I.
    24/06/2019 12:59

    The people who cast their vote to Modi are idiots. Look how visionary this Gentleman Rahul is. When relegion dominate than developement of India India will go backward.

  • Ehsaan I.
    09/05/2019 19:24

    Is there someone from Stella Maris College who was present during this Question Answer session there?

  • Nikul P.
    17/04/2019 06:02

    Congraas Hindu Virodhi Party

  • Daaz R.
    15/04/2019 00:23

    If anyone called this bastards drug addict italyn mafia pappu tera baap aur tera khandan chor hai he would be comfortable

  • Manoj C.
    14/04/2019 02:52

    Ok But bhabhi mil gayi.

  • Twinkle T.
    12/04/2019 23:23

    Sab thik h pr ye moo itna kyu faadri h 😂aga

  • Jiten A.
    07/04/2019 19:02

    Amar sob cheye valo legeche meyeta r hashi

  • Ravikumar M.
    06/04/2019 12:45

    Innu youth ankondidhaane rahul uncle .call me rahul andhre nanginu age aagilla antha artha

  • Manoj K.
    06/04/2019 09:52

    Kya baat hai Pappu Mujhe Lene Wale kapde Sharam karo showroom Sonia Gandhi ke hotel

  • Sandeep M.
    06/04/2019 09:52


  • Boopal
    05/04/2019 18:21

    Ragul ne waste papper...

  • Rathindra N.
    04/04/2019 15:29

    Akta Cartoon Character back up chara kono astitto nai..

  • Prasad C.
    04/04/2019 06:10

    Scripted questions with scripted answers.

  • Syed M.
    04/04/2019 05:52

    Greatman great think

  • Sandip G.
    04/04/2019 03:52

    Unfortunately rahul Gandhi is India's future PM 😱😱😱 india next Iraq and Pakistan be careful Indians be careful.

  • Indra B.
    03/04/2019 13:28

    Tumare ma ki chud england chale jau sala india me indian vasa bolo

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