• Veda K.
    a day

    Very nice one

  • Alfa S.
    4 days

    Where there is a will there is a way....instead of sitting n cribbing about the government extending lockdown n waiting for money.. He tried...no matter how long it works he tried to find a way... appreciated... Some PPL will find negative things in this also but can't help it....they will get well soon....

  • Sai L.
    5 days

    Nice idea

  • Vamsi R.
    6 days

    The AC ventilator should be in vent or outside air mode . Else all this gonna be futile...

  • Priya R.
    6 days

    Wonderful idea

  • Naresh K.
    6 days

    Nice & good idea...but need to do lot of cleaning work on daily basis

  • Shah P.
    7 days

    Wow ...every cab owner should do this

  • Sushma V.
    7 days

    This also happened in bangalore they have also done the same ...

  • Hayden C.
    05/30/2020 08:57

    there is no covid 19 you worldly sheep.

  • Subha S.
    05/30/2020 04:28

    The air you breadth in these closed cab environment ??

  • Sushmita D.
    05/28/2020 15:10

    Where there is a will there is way

  • Prema S.
    05/27/2020 05:25

    They are the most suffering people.

  • Thara B.
    05/26/2020 23:16


  • Lal R.
    05/26/2020 17:25


  • Kimboi K.
    05/26/2020 15:54

    Good idea

  • Ganesh K.
    05/26/2020 12:13

    Verry good

  • Satish S.
    05/25/2020 18:32

    Very innovative. We have to find ways and means to live with Corona threat....

  • Anshul J.
    05/25/2020 17:42

    Airlines company could not use this much of mind Appreciated

  • Usha R.
    05/25/2020 04:26

    Nice idea... But sanitising is must after every passenger.... Ask every passenger to sanitize his hands before getting into the cab... Definitely passengers should follow some rules

  • Anil T.
    05/24/2020 23:17

    वातानुकुलित ची व्यवस्था कशी केली आहे