Education Policy Draft Sparks Language Debate

The first controversy of Narendra Modi’s second term: Should teaching Hindi in all schools be mandatory?

04/06/2019 1:03 PM
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  • Sandip P.
    28/06/2019 12:12

    Why Hindi should added in 3 language formula?There are 22 official languages in country.So it should be on students choice which 3 languages they wanted to learn.

  • Sandip P.
    28/06/2019 12:07

    Why it’s mandatory to teach Hindi in all schools? There is no national language in country there are 22 official languages in country.Then government should ask the schools to teach all 22 languages in schools.

  • Kalanidhi S.
    28/06/2019 08:02

    Learning a Extra Language is the Way of Increasing the Confidences...

  • Alan Ë.
    27/06/2019 15:42

    Everyone plz don't speak any languages everyone use sign language 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Neli M.
    27/06/2019 06:35

    this is what I was talking about that day

  • Sumit
    27/06/2019 03:36


  • Hamedul K.
    26/06/2019 11:16


  • VijayaKumar S.
    25/06/2019 20:05

    Adaaa poda lusu pasangala

  • অরণ্য দ.
    25/06/2019 18:38

    No hindi imposition. If they try we all resist .

  • Madu R.
    25/06/2019 04:17

    Hindi comes from Arabia, mixing of Urdu& Farsi. Why do you interact with state rules. Still our country economy very poor condition, no jobs for youngsters etc...

  • Vinoth K.
    24/06/2019 15:57

    I don't know hindu but survey in Bangalore last 3 yrs be tamilian live tamilian die tamilian

  • Madhu K.
    24/06/2019 14:36

    Andhra and Telangana are South states... Just to remind u Mr. Tharoor.. And we are Telugu people... Please be conscious of Telugu also...forgetting us is nothing but showing disgrace on us... Just to remind you.. Mr.. Great Tharoor

  • Avinish R.
    24/06/2019 06:54

    Breaking India force at work, creating linguistic rift between the people of india

  • Rashid V.
    23/06/2019 20:07


  • Lourdu P.
    23/06/2019 17:33

    Any one reason for imposing hindi as third language?

  • Vinu V.
    23/06/2019 15:59

    Brut ess .adding Hindi is good.also respect other oldest language of India, add it too.which are they?if u need a common language then use English,it's now the global language

  • Vinu V.
    23/06/2019 15:51

    Legends learn what ever they could,stupids cry "he don't understand what I said"

  • Bidhan P.
    23/06/2019 15:50


  • Satya P.
    23/06/2019 08:28

    U moron ...north indians r ready to read south indian languages ..we dont have any probelm....

  • Abhilash M.
    23/06/2019 07:27

    No one should be forced to learn Hindi ... but if u learn somehow it will be easy travelling all over India .. (Note: easy) .. my mother tongue is not Hindi 😊

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