Education Policy Draft Sparks Language Debate

The first controversy of Narendra Modi’s second term: Should teaching Hindi in all schools be mandatory?

06/04/2019 1:03 PM
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  • Vishveshvar D.
    06/04/2019 13:05

    Why not ? Hindi is most popular among the other local languages.

  • Sukhminder S.
    06/04/2019 13:05

    Hindi is no more in today's fast paced world, only those languages which could move along global pace could stay steadfast.....

  • Sarika J.
    06/04/2019 13:05

    Of course congress would like to highlight it as they have no agenda right now.....also they are great at divide and rule.

  • Hariom Y.
    06/04/2019 13:08

    Divide ! On any matter you can ! That's the politics !

  • Gaurav R.
    06/04/2019 13:09

    Madarchod brut ko sirf modi main controversy hi dikhti hain ...

  • Sangam A.
    06/04/2019 13:09

    Comment section will be full of fights between North n south.

  • Navya S.
    06/04/2019 13:10

    Japani speaks Japanese Chinese speaks Chinease Arabic speaks Arabic So what is the problem with Hindi in Hindustan bhai.

  • Aditi D.
    06/04/2019 13:10

    Living in Bangalore for the past five years I've used English because the natives prefer English or Kannada. One does not need Hindi at all. Why should there be an imposition? The natives aren't imposing Kannada here. There's always a middle ground. You either get with English or learn the native language, which I'm still trying to start learning.

  • Ashish C.
    06/04/2019 13:11


  • Navya S.
    06/04/2019 13:11

    Let me enjoy the fight here now😂😂😂

  • Sam G.
    06/04/2019 13:13

    Guys Learning Doesn't Harm Anybody Why Make a Big Issue, Learn Hindi And Respect Your Native Languages Too...That's All. Dont Be Like I'm Maharastrian Only Marathi will Speak or Kannada if Your from Karnataka so Applies to Other States.. World Is Moving Be The change and move Along dont be Politics Puppets(((( Jai Hind....

  • Akash B.
    06/04/2019 13:13

    It's majority, 50 crore speak Hindi were as 6-7 crore speak the language that were mentioned

  • Arvind T.
    06/04/2019 13:14

    Hindustan mai hindi.. Good decision

  • Himanshu S.
    06/04/2019 13:14

    Make Hindi a coding language and see how things would be different 😂

  • Ashbin V.
    06/04/2019 13:15

    #Vadaku_Vazhkirathu_Therku_Thaeikirathu..Fogot this revolutionary slogan by Periyar ?! Hindi is not our mother language..South is diversified..Here different people have different languages..Tamil, Malayalam,Kannada and Telugu makes us diversified but our Dravidian culture unites us..But united by rest of the country by one feeling..India ! We won't allow hindi to dominate our mother languages..We could speak Hindi..But Hindi people can't speak our languages without an error..So let Hindi be language of Hindi people..And our language be with us.. Don't try to Dominate or Hegemonize.!

  • Sunil K.
    06/04/2019 13:16

    Just don't make it compulsory.. But if u really want to promote hindi then try other ways....

  • Riddhi N.
    06/04/2019 13:16

    Watching Bollywood movies is fine,winning an Oscar for a Hindi song based music is fine,importing punjabi / North Indian ladies in south-speaking movies is fine BUT learning Hindi - NO!

  • Shafeeq S.
    06/04/2019 13:16

    is it official that Hindi is our National Language ?

  • Joel C.
    06/04/2019 13:17

    My mother tongue is Telugu And i chose Hindi as second language in my school and college. But its all about choice, it should not be mandatory, never impose Hindi on south states forcefully

  • Sandeep S.
    06/04/2019 13:17

    This policy is drafted by a south indian scientist.