Farm Protests: When Security Measures Look Scary

Concertina wires, spikes cemented into the highway, yellow barricades: Dreadful scenes at the farmer protest sites on Delhi’s borders as security is beefed up...

02/02/2021 4:27 PM
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  • Jaswant S.
    06/02/2021 10:27

    Haven is not going to fall if 3 farmers are bill taken back.otherwise also they manupilated in Rajya sabha and ghugis always at their dispoal. Farmers were harassed in many ways inspite of order of scourt. Farmers who are back bone brought green reolution and so patriot they willing gave 595 km strtch for border fencing. But here kissan sow wheat and kinoo.but mango baba grow keel ie nails of hatred which he has brought as sapling from gujrat along with chota chankya. See their role in godra kand then in delhion25 02 2020 when 30 people were masscared and now red fort master minded for red fort to brand them terriost.local goons were used to throw stone and elect water intrrnet food supply cut.inresult at Dhansa border chandigarh and many parts of up protest is there.this day have proved RSS is Rastrata swam seller is party and using muscle of para forces as large scale infiltrayion is Assam many died in 3 tier bill which was their crops.what is love jehad ask jogi .o ly lotouscracy.

  • Dheeraj S.
    05/02/2021 01:36

    Mia khlifa a farmer🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • Raj C.
    04/02/2021 12:23

    They don't want security then they complain about damaged to property and people caused due to riots. Brut India is bs.

  • Hemanth M.
    04/02/2021 05:56

    Solution is simple. But the government is not much educated to resolve the matter easily. If the farm laws does not affect the lives of farmers then y bjp is afraid of protests . People are fedup of liars since 2014.howcome they beleive them now .

  • Naresh N.
    03/02/2021 18:53

    Really India is progressing, such a arrangements in just few days...India is having Vikas...

  • Sudhanshu S.
    03/02/2021 18:50

    Sad turn of events. Lets just pray to God almighty that this stalemate ends

  • Faruque S.
    03/02/2021 13:35

    I support Indian farmers Long live Indian farmers

  • Sompa K.
    03/02/2021 13:20

    Dear my brother and sisters the Bast**ds who are inimical to the growth of India are using these posts to malign India. Do not believe them

  • Samarasam C.
    03/02/2021 10:59

    Built it around Delhi.

  • Masooma K.
    03/02/2021 09:17

    Home ministry is such a shameless mafia 😠😠😠

  • Alok S.
    03/02/2021 06:58

    Now security measures look scary... if you are doing peacefull protest than why to worry.. if you try to enter Delhi than it will be scary

  • Shekhar S.
    03/02/2021 06:09

    Hope this such barricades will save my police officers and the soldiers in the front line

  • Sudhir S.
    03/02/2021 06:02

    The elected lawmakers are scared of their constituents. Shame.

  • Jithin K.
    03/02/2021 04:04

    People vs govt

  • Su M.
    03/02/2021 03:50

    Gotta admit it is fine to put those barricades on the border, 🤷‍♀️

  • Bhat A.
    03/02/2021 03:42

    . “The strength of our enemy is a sign of our bravery

  • Binu K.
    03/02/2021 03:34

    Is it Chinese border 🤣🤣🤣

  • Virinder K.
    03/02/2021 03:22

    Anarchy at its worst

  • RJ F.
    03/02/2021 02:22

    Ro Modi Ro

  • RJ F.
    03/02/2021 02:21

    Modi is cancer for Indain

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