Farooq Abdullah Accused Amit Shah Of Lying

An embattled Farooq Abdullah turned emotional when reporters asked if what Amit Shah said about him in Parliament was true.

07/08/2019 2:25 PMupdated: 07/08/2019 2:53 PM
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  • Vandana V.
    02/10/2019 19:12


  • Bobby G.
    02/10/2019 10:51

    Give me the supari I will do this philander and pedophile in

  • Zafar K.
    29/09/2019 14:39

    Too late fatman, you had your chance to help Kashmiris

  • Chandra S.
    27/09/2019 15:22

    What they do in past 50to70 years in Kashmir people now you created big sad dramas is not worth take a break and made cup of tea people will be cleared now your dramas nothing change Indian people this is India united India

  • Sumit S.
    26/09/2019 13:15

    Corrupt person wait . you will be in jail for rest of your life.

  • Bigz H.
    26/09/2019 13:07

    In sha Allah our time of unity will come.

  • Vibin A.
    26/09/2019 12:55

    Give me the gun 😂🤣🤣😂😂

  • Miyang L.
    26/09/2019 06:31

    he would get heart atrack from his poison anger, thief....still mentioning he is INNOCENT, thats thier style in islam.

  • Omar F.
    26/09/2019 05:11

    Abdullah betrayed his own people for decades, good to know he's now being punished for loyalty to fascists !

  • Kuldeep W.
    26/09/2019 01:31

    You are responsible for lots things happen in j& k , you bulid your mansions with money which should spend on poor Kashmiri people, after removing 379&35a , now your shop has to close

  • Arun K.
    25/09/2019 15:53

    Cut the tantrums Farooq

  • Durgarao M.
    25/09/2019 14:49

    Go to london be happy.earned sufficiently.old man of 82 years

  • Astik B.
    25/09/2019 04:11

    This asshole should rot under house arrest. Opportunist and a shrewd moron he is....

  • Rashid Z.
    24/09/2019 19:26

    Good you traitor because of these traitors Kashmir is suffering

  • Rashid I.
    24/09/2019 17:13

    His forefathers sided with Nehru and he helped the Indians throughout his career and now look at him, effectively imprisoned by the Indians in his home. Now he understands I think what Indian democracy is.

  • Ross U.
    24/09/2019 12:24

    Kashmir belongs to india so does Pakistan ! The British never owned India it was not theirs to share or to give , Hindus were there before then muslims came and tried to own everything ! Sorry guys is this why you hate the Jews as well and hate western civilization ?

  • Farhat R.
    23/09/2019 21:53

    Farouk Abdullah it's due to your dishonesty that the people of Kashmir are suffering from past 73 years , now you are crying for your son , what about the thousands of sons mothers have lost in this struggle , 😢

  • Zain A.
    23/09/2019 19:08

    What you sow shall you reap.... this is the fruit of what side you have taken

  • Rohan J.
    23/09/2019 18:43

    whosoever the person who is the journalist for this .. one sick soul

  • Dil J.
    23/09/2019 17:11


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