Feeding Off Freebies: Delhi Election & After

Free electricity = Election victory? Arvind Kejriwal’s populist scheme for Delhi is gaining currency in other states too. 💡

14/02/2020 11:57 AM
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  • Sharmistha P.
    17/02/2020 16:38

    If i rememberd correctly, in my childhood election issues were always " sarak, bijli, pani."..... then it became fight aginst corruption... now it is hindu- muslim....🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Brut India
    17/02/2020 06:35

    Apart from promising free electricity, here are the other guarantees of the new Kejriwal government in Delhi:

  • Gokul N.
    15/02/2020 08:14

    One day good ideologies will be copied and make a country better. Better he stays at delhi only and others starts to copy him

  • Saradha T.
    15/02/2020 07:22

    Free ki chakra mai all Electricity companies will closed till 2050. These same politicians will rise extra burden on the common people.

  • Arvind K.
    15/02/2020 03:28

    Companies will be under financial stress sooner.

  • Sagar G.
    15/02/2020 03:09

    Why the sudden change in stance? Didnt get the cheque on time, Brut?

  • Shad S.
    14/02/2020 18:56

    Good strategy fr saving electricity

  • Suresh K.
    14/02/2020 18:23

    Now Delhi people save money and electricity both. In This way people can spend saved money on other things and saving electricity good for environment. We the people of Delhi has seen the change in Delhi. Such type of leader should be prime minister once at least

  • Rajesh S.
    14/02/2020 17:27

    Free electricity free water free ration free education free health care free transport every one cares about himself nobody cares about the country 😪😪😪

  • Leishangthem C.
    14/02/2020 17:12

    Indian should accept how we elect political leader. Do we really respect them? India is not developing morally and ethically. And modi hahaha

  • Nilesh V.
    14/02/2020 16:30

    Many villages in india not having 12 hrs /day electricity. Due to such metro city power supply for 24/7 it's facing burden on villagers. And these poor ppl living there life from decades to decades in same way. That need to stop. Govt need to focus more in villages / farmers.

  • Sameer S.
    14/02/2020 15:42

    We delhites don't pay a penny and still get 24/7 electricity. Whereas UPwala pays thousands of rupees as bill, and still suffers from huge power cuts. 😂People of other states better question your corrupt govt ,where is your money going? rather than worrying about our freebies.

  • Abdurrahman M.
    14/02/2020 15:33

    How can you call it as freebies. These are all reductions that govt will pay by tax payer's money. It is productive to the welfare of people unlike giving away beer bottles, television sets and the likewise.

  • Chandrakant A.
    14/02/2020 15:31

    Delhi is not BJP ruled state from last 21 years so whatever BJP got is only a bonus but loss for Delhities. Electricity companies warned Delhi govt of short of funds and soon Delhi people will have power cuts.

  • Sunny S.
    14/02/2020 15:15

    Just giving free electricity is NOT going to cut it. Delhi government pt brakes to hike in electricity charges unless electricity suppliers agree to government Audit of their books. to which they obviously refused. Till 2013, these same companies showed huge fake losses every year and forced delhi govt to raise electricity rates. Since 2014. the charges have been frozen because delhi govt knows these companies were lying and making huge profits at cost of delhi tax payers. In addition, delhi has added capacity to meet electricity demand in delhi so now there are hardly any power cuts. Thats what people are happy about. Not just 200 units of free bijli. In addition there is free water supply, free healthcare, quality education, improved public transport that has contributed to delhi success. blindly copying free bijli is not going to cut it for these governents.

  • SK A.
    14/02/2020 15:00

    How about gai gobar?

  • Mohd A.
    14/02/2020 14:55

    Delhiites not a bad deal. Get free 200 units in the month of February instead of getting beaten.

  • Vishal J.
    14/02/2020 14:29

    Electricity companies warned delhi government due to shortage of funds they can't buy more electricity so huge cuts are going to be faced by delhi from feb ... congratulations...

  • Sharmistha P.
    14/02/2020 14:22

    In delhi electricity is not free--- free for 200units. But if youe meter reading is 201... you have to pay for the whole. That way people try to save on electricity...

  • Ayush Š.
    14/02/2020 14:19

    Other states might try to copy the model of 'Kaam par vote', but it will be very hard for them to show their work in parallel to the massive widespread work done by AAP in Delhi. Its not just about water and electricity.

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